Monday, 1 August 2011

Recap: Bound at Silom Road

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

On 26th the day I arrived and wandering around, I bound for Silom by taking MRT. Checked the time, it was around 15:32. Then, walking quite distances here and there to see where to safely load my stuffs and get a place to sleep. Rugi je, kat Bangrak ada Masjid Ban Uu where we may stay for a day or two there after informing mosque administration. 

Just a bit walk from Saladaeng Metro Station.

I walked in Silom Road and branches of the road. Than I sat for a moment in front of a shopping center there and snapping some shoot to avoid forgetting the area that I had came across. After that, I had seen a signboard showing that there is a hostel down the road which is called as Bangkok Downtown Hostel

So I quickly go there to check for the price and it's quite cheap although I was disappointed since I could stay in more cheaper room in Khaosan Road while the problem, I wasn't clear about the roads in Bangkok. The room costs me about Bhat 457 per night and I lodged in for two nights because I just want to be safe so terbanglah dalam 914 bhat (RM91.40). Next time maybe we could take a shared room with other travelers as it costs only 30 bhat (RM30) per night. The owner of the hostel is a Thai Chinese and the receptionist is a Thai lady who is quite friendly and speaks little English. 

Along Silom Road with stalls selling food such as fresh sticky rice, moo yang (grilled pork), fruits, cheap clothes, and others.

Signboards that I had stumbled and I decided to get accommodation details from Bangkok Downtown Hostel.

Stairs to fifth floor for budget single room which is slightly pricy to budget shared room.

This is how the room looks like, quite simple and with fan. No aircond. The size of the roam is approximately the size of my room at home but it's longer than mine, lol.

Scenery from above Bangkok Downtown Hostel, the rail is connected to Chong Nonsi station.

Bangkok Downtown Hostel at the row, it's in the middle of a Chinese tea shop which looks like a temple and a drug store.

Thao Thep Brahma or Sanggar Datuk Dewa Brahma at the end of Silom Road where there is a junction for Surasak-Naradhiwast Road. Quite weird because Brahma cult is not really popular in India, but it's shrine can be seen in some places in Thailand. It has four face which representing directions while the other face above representing central part of the direction. I had learned about this deity before.

What I had observed in this road, it seems like it is a commercial center with farangs (caucasians) and others working in the banks and offices there. There are also locals selling food and they are cheap but we can't eat those nice looking and nice smell food without asking them what are they, hehehehe. 

Moo yang (skewer pork) is quite cheap only 8 bhat (80 cents) for a skewer and 5 bhat for a bag of khao niao (sticky rice). There are also random restaurants and stalls serving food but we have to be extra careful with what we consume there.  I can't eat like before anymore because I had made promise and repent to Him.

I didn't stumble at any mosque yet at that time. I had bought a wrapped phadprik fish rice from 7E and I can't remember how much it costs me. And the rice is put together with pork phadprik rice, hope Allah forgives me :'( 

I was like almost passed out and I walked like non-stop due to that I can't stop by at any stall there in the beginning. Still surveying the place at that time. I had the rice beside a cobbler and of course reciting prayers for birkah (blessings) and asking forgiveness before eating the food because I had no choice, wishing that my flesh won't be burned in fire for violation of the promise and covenant. I had also have my meals at several random stalls after that but trying to minimize meat by telling them that I am a follower of ahimsa (non-violence) movement, hahaha.   

to be continued...

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