Thursday, 11 August 2011

Introducing Islam to Others

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

What we have tonight for a short tadzkirah (reminders) session after Taraweekh sunnah service? Let us check up our Quran translation and exegesis for a moment. Open up surah al-An'am in our glorious Quran as these two verses are from the same surah...

So whoever by the God's wills to guide, He opens his chest to Islam and whoever He wills to send astray, He makes his chest closed and constricted as he is climbing up to the sky. That is how the God puts His wrath on those who have no faith 125

Among crucial part in the law of life is the faith to Him and His messengers. Our task is to introduce the Path to others, but the guidance is not in our hands. It is His will as it is only through His decree that anyone who listens the verses would silently having a deep thought. 

Those who have no faith are actually in His wrath without they realize it. These people receive not His mercy... how sorry they are... That is why, it would be hard for them to understand nor having a deep thought on His words over simple matters. No matter how hard we try to talk about His Existence, His Greatness, or His Grace, those who have no faith would never come to believe as it is difficult for them just like they are climbing up to the sky. The obstacles such as egoism or attachment to worldly matters (idolatries) that prohibits them from coming close though it is just a simple thing : )

Another notion for this simply is that, guidance is His right. It is not our right although we are obliged to orally or verbally introduce His noble Path to our friends and brothers in humanity through wisdom and proposed manner.

And this Path of your Lord the straight one. Indeed We had explained our verses (proves) for those who take heed (reciting the verses) 126

This verse further explains that our task is to bring together people who take heed and already recited with deep thought the verses of glorious Quran and benefit from it with practices of noble life. People who recite and practice His teachings will be granted the abode of peace.

What is abode of peace dear brethren? It is the jannah (paradise) promised by the Lord of Mercy. It is granted to His servants because of the noble conduct, good deeds, charity, chastity and great faith toward the God the Most Highest. - Brother Syeikh Abu Khalid, Medina al-Munawwarah; 12 Ramadan 1432 H; USM Mosque, Penang Island 

Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love for brethren in faith and humanity, amin!

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