Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sahur Simple Menu: Mushroom and Chicken Spaghetti

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

It's already the first of Sya'aban 1432 H. Just a simple recipe. Lil sister taught me anyway. I am not good in cooking, hehehe. It's for our sahur or pre-dawn meal to begin fasting tomorrow. We cook it earlier and will keep the gravy for this early morning. Actually quite useful if we are alone, who knows if we live abroad or far from family so this might help to give us idea. 

We need chopped green onion. I don't know how many onions needed but two green onions would be enough or according to how big is your tummy or how many persons in your house. Then chopped garlic. Some vegetable oil. Two bottles of Kimball spaghetti gravy, hahaha. She bought them in Tafaz Maju grocery shop. Two bottles cost her about RM13. Then we have a can of straw mushroom or cao gu in chinese. And then, we have minced chicken. Just grab Ramlee burger minced chicken. Owh yeahhh, we need dried spaghetti as well!!!

Just boil our spaghetti for few minutes until it soften and toss them up. Then pour some oil in the cooking pot, wait until some white smokes show up. Make sure the flame is medium. Put the chopped green onion and minced chicken. Saute them for few minutes if the minced chicken is frozen to defrost it. I guess it is around 10-15 minutes although I failed my maths tests due to nervous breakdown, lol. Then put tomatoes, mushrooms that you had sliced into two, and olives if you have it in your fridge. We have Arab and Iranian shops as well here so these Mediterranean stuffs could easily be seen here. Then, put gravy in the bottles into the pot. It already contains oregano and everything spices in it so don't worry about the taste, ahahaa.    

I get the chance to talk to little sister while helping her with the cooking. She said that maybe I should stop reading and memorizing for few weeks because it could make my head being more complicated. She can't understand what I said to her last few weeks and afraid that I would end up in mental hospital or going back to my old self. I actually talked to her about Muslims attitude regarding friendship, amity, and assistance in protecting the creed of beloved brothers and sisters. I said to her that, we don't actually care about people around although we talk about brotherhood or sisterhood in Islam. 

When people going astray from the path, we might get angry, blaming other religious bodies and begin to publish it in papers on the Jews and Christians are envious to us but what we had done to prevent our brothers and sisters no matter the revert ones or the born-Muslim ones from being strayed into wrong path (vices, evil, and others)? Maybe I need to talk according to people's level but sometimes it just slips out of my evil mouth, lol. That's why I prefer to shut it up and it makes me think, think, and later lamenting myself because I am useless....

Well, what can I say if people don't understand me. I had faced this since I am a young kid. Mum also said I was crazy when I memorized English dictionary. It was near Lower School Certificate (PMR) examination, hehehe. I was so worried with my English that made me doing all of those crazy things. 

I did memorized few Arabic kitabs too but those were for exams. Now, my English wasn't so bad as before, and memorizing dictionary did helped me. I memorized Chinese characters as well although it's not in national or religious school syllabus, hahahahahahaa...... Mum said that I was just kidding her when she sneaked in my papers written in Chinese. She showed it up to Ah Fan aunty. She was our Hainanese neighbor. She told mum that I wrote about my feelings about environment around. I don't know how did I managed my lesson plan but I guess it is because of the spirit of curiosity in a young kid. 

Mum and dad could speak in Hokkien (Fujianese) and sisters could at some level speak in rough Cantonese but we don't know how to write in Chinese characters. That's normal for village folks in Kedah and Perlis because they would have to deal with those who rent their land or being money lenders like paternal uncles. Mums' elders who resettled in Jerlun of Alor Setar around 18th C, were actually Chinese Muslims with Persian ancestry from Southern China. I can't see any Persian face at all in them. But only Mongol face, hahahaa. Most had already passed away, some younger generations could not even speak in Chinese anymore because of the assimilation within mainstream society. I checked this in our ancestral book during our family assembly in Penang.

I don't really like spaghetti. I might just have some bread, plain water and dates for sahur. It's easier than having to make a mess on the table, wasting water to clean up dishes and I'm lazy to clean up the kitchen. We may also begin with humble donation to mosques in order to support the feast for others and religious activities for next month, insya'Allah His Will.

May everyone receives His guidance and success to perform the guidance. Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love on brothers and sisters in faith. 

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