Friday, 1 July 2011

A Muslim

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

I just read this poem by Allamah Iqbal, the real title is Mard-e-Musalman. It is a very nice poem at least for me. Just keeping this in this site for myself to read such a nice poem with nice words.

Every moment of a true believer is a new grandeur;
By words and deeds he gives proof of Mighty God, His reach and power

Rout the foes, Grant them Reprieve, do pious deeds and display great might;
Are the four characteristics that make a perfect Muslim 

This clay-born man has kinship close to Gabriel the trusted one;
His dwelling place is never a land or clime

The believer's secret has not been known by anyone.
He looks like a reciter; but in fact he himself is the Quran

The nature's aims and ends are his intentions;
He keeps balance in this world also and keeps balance in hereafter also.

With friends and mates, he is dew that cools the tulip;
With enemies he is like torrent strong which makes oceans shake.

His days and nights are nature's sweet song;
Like surah ar-Rahman of Quran is his melodious rhyming tune.

Such thoughts that shine like lustrous are provided in my brain
Recognize the star which will guide your fate.

- Allamah Iqbal, Lahore Resolution March 23rd 1940-1947

This is a figure that I had read about too. However, I think that he's smarter than me and intelligent. Pakistan has great poets and many themes also touching religious issue. I love reading Urdu poems apart of Arabic ones. Too bad I'm not good in Farsi, why we never emphasize Arabic and Farsi in our learning? : (

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