Thursday, 28 July 2011

Recap: Leaving for Bangkok

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Just took the bus earlier at 10:00 in the morning on 25th of July for the jetty. Then I had some breakfast, rice with sausage and fishball, which costs me about RM3.00. Quite expensive because I just took a kind of lauk which was the mixed sausage and fishball. And had a milked tea. It's not a nice meal anyway but I had wrongly chosen the meal. 

The stall just located near the flying over to cross to the bus station near jetty in a food court. Beside it is a Chinese restaurant serving beef noodle. The makcik is not friendly too. Maybe just my perception.

I arrived at Butterworth Train Station around 11:00 after a relaxing ferry sailing from the island to the mainland for the train station. I wait there for few hours because the train leaving from the station around 14:20 Malaysian time. Didn't take any breakfast but only drinking some water because I was quite afraid to begin the journey alone, buat gila masuk berseorangan ke negara orang, haha. 

Train was not yet there

 Train arrived to take passengers to Bangkok

I regret that I didn't bring any food supply from hostel and I didn't bought any cause I thought that I am on tight expenditure. I changed some more money to Thai Bhat, just in case. It's quite scary because I heard many negative things about Bangkok and Thailand as a whole but if I don't do this, I would only rely on rumors and story above story. It is only close to my state but we don't know anything about their capital.

to be continued...

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  1. about the stuffs we hear about other places. my Sheikh is from Iraq. and all i hear about Iraq is bombs, shooting, chaos and well.. just more bombings.

    but in reality... it's not everyday and it's not everywhere. i think u can go there, spend a week and probably nothing happen. or u can go there and the first thing that greets u is a traffic jam because of a bomb scare.

    point is.. it's usually not as bad as it sounds.


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