Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Alhamdulillah... Rao Klab Ban Leaw!

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Just safely return from the City of Angel or Khrungthep Mahanakorn which is how Bangkok is called by Thais. It is a busy city and I thought that I could just finish visiting the city in only a day like Georgetown but I was wrong. It is a big city just like Kuala Lumpur and perhaps twice larger than Kuala Lumpur but with new features since three years ago like the Airport Rail Link, MRT (underground line), and Sukhumvit Line (BTS). Even I had several times planning visits in Georgetown and it was not like I had been there once and covered everything.

I took the flight to return instead of taking the land route since it will take me long and first Ramadan would be best spent in our place with proper worships and praises. I planned to be there until 28th or 29th but it turns out to be only a night spending and surveying the city. I just memorized see yaek (intersection), taang yaek (junction), thanon (road) and soi (branch of road) so that I could plan another visit to Bangkok without any problem like my first time in the city. 

It's quite a tiring journey by train but they have bed prepared for the passengers to Bangkok. I felt like I was in Japan in South East Asia when in Bangkok. Need to polish up my central Thai dialect. They have lesson for charity in temples even in Malaysia but I had repent my sin so I would try to avoid that boundary if I have the ability to do so, but rather finding other alternatives. Maybe next time I would try to apply job in Bangkok if it is difficult to find it here. This problem is everywhere. When I read a local forum about jobless graduates, I felt like I wanted to burst out in tear again. 

Again, people are generalizing jobless university graduates as lazy to find job or afraid of trying new things, choosy, and what not with negativity. Not all are like that. If it is as easy as people always talk. We won't even hear any fuss about this because not all of graduates are blessed with skills or studying in fields that involve them into skills. It happens everywhere, not only in Malaysia. 

What will happen to those in art streams? Humanities or Social Science? Being activists? Businessmen? Sales person? Why would a university providing these fields if these fields are useless? It would be better if students at the school being told earlier to cease studying if they have no ability to study or have no skills cakap Melayunya takda ketokohan begitu. Better start to work early in the factory as operators or being farmers, isn't it? It saves money and times a lot. And we do not have to import foreigners to do all of those low class jobs. Well, I don't want to blame anyone. It is of no use because this world is the world with evil. Let us just hope Allah bless us with His blessings. His sustenance is wide.

I have to have my meals together with non-Muslims in their restaurants because my staying area have no Muslims living around and I am out of budget. Even tried to restrict myself and not violating the commandments but we are only ordinary human-being with flesh. 

I just walked around and avoiding taking any taxi, motorcycle, tuk tuk or songtaew. Afraid that they will sense my southern Thai dialect and noticing that I am not a local Bangkokian or even a Thai. Most of them thought that I am a Thai and not even a Muslim because those local Muslims in Bangrak district looked at me with suspicious look when I walked inside their mosque. Managed to find the mosque last night when I slowly walked and asked a Muslim girl waiting for a BTS in Wongwian Yai way. May Allah forgives me my sins for the violation of commandments.

Allah bless prophet Muhammad s.a.w and his companions, and his family. Allah bless everyone, insyaAllah.

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