Saturday, 9 July 2011

Great Styles.... hahahaa

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!!!

Recently I love to watch Telugu, well Tamil movies too though I don't understand Telugu except for smattering Hindi words in Telugu because some words are commonly used in Urdu, hahahaa.... 

After watching those movies at least I know few Tamil words and straight away using it with the maccha in the grocery... I had long tried to learn Tamil. But unfortunately I have no opportunity because of time constraint. That silly maccha tries to tackle little sister, hahaha. Last time little sister did gave her number to a Nepalese co-worker when she worked in a restaurant. It was quite scary when that guy keep calling her. Pandai sangat! Girls out there jaga-jaga dengan bhai dai ni semua, nanti dia sudah adik manis sama you orang, susah lah. Siapa susah? You punya abang lah have to save you from being disturbed.

Love your style Prabhas especially when you are in fighting scenes... The scenes in Varsham where you sprayed the gas on those goons with knives is quite awesome... hahaha....

Well also Arjun Sarja... Your movie is always about justice and righteousness. I love your movies. However, rarely see you in Telugu movies. You're always in Tamil movies and you're still cool.... hahaha. You look smart in your police suit who combats corruption, evil ministers, and goons. I admire you for your characters, sir.

I also think that your cool styles were undermined when both of you are in singing and dancing scenes. Doesn't suit you people well. I just don't know when Indian movies could cut or at least leave those craps of singing and erotic dancing with these cool heroes???? I know it is a culture there but come on, it's not like we don't have music videos for that. Just my personal opinion. It's not easy to change certain customs in a short period of time.

Urm, I guess I have to avoid watching too much Indian movies especially at the dancing and singing scenes because those nonsense ladies belly showing is not good for memorization of Quran. Fighting and violence is not good too, don't take them as example. Sometimes it might be fun to watch different kind of movies especially when the hero kicks the ass of villains and the villains fly up 50 km above the sky after the kick or maybe the feet of villains crippled and melting like being dipped down into acid once being clutched by heroes' mighty hand, LOL.... I love the sound when villains fall down on metal blocks, it's real... ktunckkkkk.....! Watching these movies is just to relax my messy mind. And those movies are free in the website, thanks to uploaders. You don't know how I appreciate your efforts, hehehehee.

These two guys are among my favorite Southern Indian heroes in movies. Oh yeah, I love watching Jamshed Chetirakat in Tamil and Malayalam movies too. Mostly Jamshed and Arjun will appear in Tamil movies. Prabhas only in Telugu maybe because he is comfortable with Telugu. I will certainly watch all of their movies without looking at the synopsis if I know that they are in scenes. I don't really know recent Hindi movie actors except for those veteran ones like Saif Ali Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Amir Khan, Sonali Bendre, Rani Mukherjee, and etc. Ok, recent ones are like Emran Hashemi, Imran Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Bruna Abdullah, etc. SRK and KKHH sucks... booo... I learn a lot about life from Tamil or Telugu movies. Also from their songs. 

Sometimes Southern Indian movies might be out of mind because these people are crazy but it reflects the facts in this life. This is not to condemn any Indian movies, I love watching them anyway. My history teacher Mr. Gopal also condemned Tamil movies in front of Indian students when I was in form 6 class. Luckily those students did not rioting in the class, hehehe.... They also conducted farewell party before we sat for our STPM (A-Level) and those students who are good in dancing performed Chandramukhi dance and other dances, I can say quite related to their religious activity if you are familiar with devadasis or bonnambalan hall at Semenyih Hindu temple, hehehe. Quite creepy because they imitate the movie without any adaptation or changing in the movements ...(shivering).... 

This is just a guide for me regarding how should I behave when I am in the public. I will be those heroes... lol. These heroes influencing people lives too. I think that I become more influenced by Indian and those in the western part of the world although I speak Chinese or Malay and writing in Chinese. Compared to when I was a kid. Maybe time is changing people preference too, because right now I don't go to school with Indians anymore but living in a Malay majority area. World has so many different things even though humanity is only one but wonder why we have to be racists???? 

May the God forgives our sins. Sealed with prayers for peace, love, and mercy, amin!

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