Thursday, 14 July 2011

Consoling the Heart

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

The world is the plantation for the hereafter. As far as one’s ability permits, engage yourself in earning good and reaping the fruits of the hereafter. With your intellect, tongue, pen and paper, wealth and all that it needs to make the hearts of others happy, comfort people but do not hurt or offend anyone. Consider this an act of great importance.

The deficiencies and difficulties of this worldly life are innumerable. However, this world has also been created as a fertile ground for the hereafter.

A saint was once asked, “How many avenues are there to reach Allah Ta’ala?” The saint replied, “The pathways leading to Allah Ta’ala are as many as the atoms that exist, however there is no path more beneficial and rewarding than keeping a person’s heart happy and consoling him. I have found Allah Ta’ala through this path and I advise others to do likewise. Consoling and bringing joy to a broken heart full of sorrow is far weightier than spending an entire night in Worship.

Generally a broken or damaged article is worthless and futile but the heart is such that the more it is broken, the more it is filled with sorrow, the more its value increases.

Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy and love for dearly brothers and sisters in faith...

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