Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sacred Month: Rajab

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Just checked Hijriyah calender and I am so glad. We are in one of the sacred months, yaye!!!!! I am waiting for sacred months for long since my few disappointments and sadness after my end term exam for this year. Rajab is not the only month which is sacred and haraam. But also other three which I still remember until today. They are the Dzulqa'idah, Dzulhijjah, and Muharram

During these months we fast according to our capability due to that we need to respect the months. It is to avoid from being ill-tempered, from quarreling, and from picking fight with others. Some people like some of the wahhabis, who call themselves as salafis; I do not know what to say when I speak about them. They just criticize others without showing the proofs and later condemning others without asking what are the source and reasons for the person criticized doing certain acts. 

I am in one of the sacred months and in holy Friday so I would avoid criticizing them as to help everyone performing charity. We do not perform fasting only in Rajab to show that we are better than others but we perform it to purify ourselves from evil thinking like what the wahhabis did to us. Fasting in all of the months except for Ramadhan is not special but the month is sacred and we just perform it to protect ourselves from being drunken arabs. Respecting sacred months has historical value and not only religious.

Usually when we fast, we would perform them according to sunnah and not singling the fast only for Rajab. We would choose the same days like Monday and Thursday just like other normal months but we perform it more constantly in these sacred months or choosing the fasting days according to the sunnah of Daud (as). 

Sometimes, I just don't understand these wahhabis because everything that others did are wrong like we do not know about authentic sunnah and traditions of prophet and only they possess everything that make them having the rights to stamp others as ungodly. They had once made me feel afraid of purification of heart teachings too but later I began to find root sources and now trying to learn about matan (sources) of hadiths too.  Religious sciences indeed are important for everyone regarding what we are.

So, brothers and sisters in faith. To perform charity and purify ourselves. We need to check the sunnah first. As for the haram (respectable) months, Rajab is among the sacred months and others are Dzulqa'idah, Dzulhijjah, and Muharram. We are forbidden from evil thinking, evil acts, and everything evil. In other months which are not sacred too we still are forbidden from wickedness. 

No Hadith Saheeh concerning Rajab fasting but as for me, I would just perform fasting according to normal months way and whenever I feel free to perform it. The intention is for purification of heart and soul for Allah to be pleased with us not to please wahhabis, sunni, shi'ites nor any other creature who is not entitled for the rights to be pleased. It also makes the world a lot more better when we began to slow down from being ferocious, learn to be patient and nuclear bombs would never have to be invented if we purify ourselves as everyone would live in peace as this life is only temporary.

Avoid from criticizing others without asking others the reason why they are performing certain acts. And if they appear to perform other angle of the same sunnah which looks different from us because we do not perform it, we would be sinful for hurting their feeling and slandering the others. A faithful muslim is a brother to the other, when we hurt our brother; we are determining ourselves into destruction and disunity. 

May Allah protects my brethren in faith with peace and love in this sacred month. May Allah protect us from our enemies so that we would respect the sacred month and purify our heart and soul to see You dear Allah. May we recite salawat to prophet Muhammad (saw) everyday without having to wait for sacred months or certain occasions. May we praise You always for Your kindness to us Your unworthy creatures whenever and wherever we are. Amin!!! 


  1. have a good Rajab. i'm trying to start fasting too.

  2. thanks brother, it is a good move. May Allah help and protects you and people around you with love.


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