Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ayatul Kursi

With the Name of the God, the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent!

Ayatul Kursi is another name for the verse 255 of surah al-Baqarah. We always recite this verse after al-Fatihah during ma'athurat recitation and supplications after salaat. How does it mean? To check the meaning, please click on the link given and we may also learn how to recite it and memorize it in no time. Don't wait, but quickly memorize the verse because it is very useful and beneficial for beloved brothers and sisters in faith.

When the verse is revealed to the holy prophet Muhammad (saw) in celestial form, angels of the God too following the verse due to its greatness and noble quality. The Devil and demons began to feel uneasy and they were so afraid of it because the verse is becoming the threat for their evil works in deviating the sons of Adam.

After it was imparted into the heart and the soul of the holy prophet Muhammad (saw), he immediately ordered Zaid bin Tsabit to write it down when he recites it through his tongue and teaching it to every believer. Anyone who recites this verse with concentration after every five times daily prayer services, each time he went out or entering their houses or beginning their travel, the Lord will protect him from the whisper of satans, the Lord will protect him and his family from the tyranny of villains, He will protect he who recites this his possessions, and He will protect the person who invokes Him from being harmed by wild animals or climate, His will.

From Asraarul Mufidah, "anyone who practices the recitation of this verse 18 times in his daily life, the Lord would open up his heart and soul to various of wisdoms, his sustainance will be in every direction, the Lord will protect him in the society and safe from disaster, with His permission.

Abu 'Abbas explained that whoever recites the verse 50 times and blowing his breath to the rain water, later drinking the water, His will that the Lord will make it easy for him to receive knowledge and wisdom. For everyone to practice this very basic thing, we may also check the hadith by the holy prophet Muhammad (saw) where he said: "Anyone who returns home and reciting ayatul kursi, the God will help banish poverty in front of his eyes. Anyone from my nation (the nations of the end of the world) who recites it 12 times on Friday morning and prays two units optional prayer service, the God will protect him from the wickedness of satans and officials." 

The benefits of zealously reciting this verse with great concentration on the meaning are that:

1. The God would love him and protects him as it is amongst the sunnah of prophet Muhammad when it is mentioned in the hadith.
2. Those who practice frequent recitation of this verse will get the help of the God and protected from the whispers and disturbance of satans.
3. For safe journey and travel.
4. Chase away harmful evil spirits like demons or those creatures of the God whom are not visible to physical eyes.
5. Moving into new house, recite the verse at least 100 times for the God to bless the house and protecting it from possessed by the invisibles.
6. The God would send representatives whom are His two angels to protect a person who recites ayatul kursi before sleeping until the sunrise.
7. Those who recite the verse after every obligatory daily prayer will be protected from the time they recite it to another coming obligatory prayer service time.
8. The God would also protect the neighbor and people around those who recite the verse.
9. He will grant those who recite the verse a grateful heart of the righteous, the merits of the prophets of the God, and the God will grant His grace to them.
10. The God Himself will send 70,000 angels to pray for the sin of the person who recite the verse to be forgiven and pray for his well-being and He will help the person if he has difficulties in life if he recite the verse as a supplication.

As what had been reported by Abdullah bin 'Amr (ra): "spread my messages to others although it is just a word..." It is our responsibility to help spreading the message to others so everyone may receive protection and salvation of the Holy God. Please help teach others when brothers and sisters have free time and may everyone receive the merit from the God, amin.

May the God help us and make us easy in memorizing His beautiful words. May He grants us wisdom in the most fun and easy way. Sealed with prayers for peace and love, amin!

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