Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Surah Luqman: Resurrection and Burden of Sins

With the Name of the God, the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent!

The Lord says: "And those who reject (the faith) thus do not you grieve (dear Muhammad) due to his rejection. To Us is their returning place and We shall tell them the truth of their deeds: for the God knows well that is in men's hearts." (Luqman 31:23)

The verse is about the reality that everyone shall be resurrected. Every human, genie, and animal shall be resurrected by the God and they will bear the burden of their deeds on their own shoulder. The resurrection in the day of judgement is a reality but it is beyond the reach of any scientific experiment. The experiments for this are not important due to our curiosity. 

We have faith in this since it is mentioned by the Lord through revelation in His verses since there are matters that could not be proven through scientific experiments but there are also some which could be experimented through scientific approaches. The resurrection and the day of judgement is beyond the universe.

Prophet 'Uzair (Ezra) had once asked the archangel Gabriel may the Lord be please with them both, whether a saint could help his brothers who are cruel to others and himself during the judgement of the Lord? It was narrated that the noble archangel replied that nobody would be pleased to bear the burden of others' sins during their life. So, could anyone of us bears the burden of his brothers and sisters sins?!!!

Thus said prophet Muhammad (saw): "a person who guides others toward righteousness, his merit would be available ever since those persons guided practicing his teachings. While those who taught others evil, his sins will keep flowing to the resurrection without any deduction." And the Lord knows well!

O Lord our God, You are the Most Merciful lift us up from the torments. We are just Your weak creatures dependent to You. Forgives us our sins please let us have the chance to purify ourselves. Glorious be the Lord of the Universe, the Most Compassionate above all forever, amin!!!

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