Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mosque View: Masjid Jami' ash-Shihab

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Quite exhausted today. I didn't do any reading nor noting today because my sister had asked me to company her to watch movie at Alamanda and she was alone so I would also watch her out rather than leaving her alone because we do not know what would happen if we leave youths today without any supervision. 

Many people there as it is also semester break for schools. She planned to watch Kung Fu something Panda. But I don't know, maybe the tickets were sold out, so she just opted for Pirate of the Carribeans: On Stranger Tides in 3D versions. 

I don't feel any different watching the movie with the spectacle or without it. It just making my eyes more blurry. I can't remember anything except for a cathechist on board trying to convert pirates losing his virginity to a mermaid cause he kissed her and faithful spaniard catholics destroying the place where the blackbeard pirate is trying to get the water of youth to get few years of age from others. It's just a movie, I do not learn much from it like I learned from Telugu movie that I watched in Vaanavil channel in the evening before we went out to the shopping complex for the cinema. I guess the title of the movie is Ankit, Pallavi and Friends.   

Just found few pics in the older file. These pictures was taken around February last year. I and my parents were on our way to Kuala Sanglang in Perlis to attend a walimah (banquet for wedding) of my auntie's relative. I don't really know them because we are the relative of my uncle and not my auntie but as long as they are muslims and inviting us so I guess it is not a sin to join them. 

We also tried arabian style rice I mean the ones in the tray with beef. I don't eat beef so much because I had long avoided it due to my previous belief in my confusion. It is almost the same concept with Tablighi way where four persons sit at the table and began eating in the tray. They also have ayer asam (tamarind mixed with chillie cuts and shrimp paste) and I have to avoid those all. I just eat a little but I enjoy seeing their way of serving the banquet in different style.

The sun shines so bright and I guess the temperature around northern area at that time must be around 36 degree celcius because when I walked in the paddy field I could feel it was burning and the straws of the paddies look so crispy. 

This mosque is basically a Jami' mosque which is a big mosque where all of the congregations being assembled during communal prayers and festivities although it is not really huge. It is located in Kepala Batas just before we arrive Jitra town and after we were out of Alor Setar.

This is the front gate of the mosque, it has a unique style for the roof there at the front entrance. 

The minaret of the mosque, I noticed that there is only a minaret there.

The square in the mosque compound. Under the roof there, they have rooms for classes and also a places for ablution for both male and female in separate sides. It seems like being influenced by Mediterranean architecture.

This is under the roof from inside at the side of the prayer hall. In contrast to outside, it is a bit cooler than outside with marble floor.

The other ablution pool at the front entrance of the mosque if there are parishioner from the front gate entering the mosque. Those under the roofs are additional to this because it's serving many people for ritual cleaning.

The podium is attached at the wall and we can read some portions of Quranic verses on the wall written in gold paints. In every mosque, we can typically see mihrabs (semicircular niche at the wall) where imaam leads the prayer services in congregational prayers.

Fences for ladies to pray in the same prayer hall during congregational prayer services. Ladies may also pray above the mosque where we can see above surrounding the prayer hall. In mosques in South Asia or some in the Middle East, ladies are not praying in the mosque at all but just praying at home.

This is the dome of this mosque from inside.

This is among amazing mosques for me that I had ever been. I had actually been to this mosque several times but only on that February of 2010 that I managed to keep it as apart of visible memory. Anyway, how the mosque looks like is not important. But how we benefit the usage of mosque as the place where we seek knowledge, building congregation and relationships among brethren instead of only being a place of worship for maybe once a week on Friday or place for elders to continue their balance of life that they have. Everyone must also be involved in this institution and making it as a center for everyone seeking knowledge, strengthening imaan (faith), and performing 'amal (practices) and khidmah (services) to the Lord and community. 

So, when we visit a mosque although at that time there is no prayer service due to that it is not the prayer service time, we may perform salaat tihiyyatul masjid or the prayer to respect and paying homage to the Lord of the House where we prostrate. And after that we may also supplicate to Him with best of prayers that we have in humility. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

Chant salawaat to prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family and his companions. Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad wa 'ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallim. Sealed with prayers for love and peace. 

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