Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Before Maghrib

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Tomorrow will be Thursday, righttt? Had forgotten the day. We make the intention to fast in order to respect Allah's teaching in glorious Quran and being thankful to Allah. I still do not have bread stock with me. Usually I would be very hardworking to get the bread. Well, I don't eat for myself all the bread but also for other creatures of Allah who also needs food. I just bought two boxes of tea and coffee at 7E. 

Oh yeah, I had forgotten that food price currently is quite high. When I see the pics of the tea and the coffee that I recall about the price. It costs me about RM9.20. Maybe I should just go to the Ah Pek Maju Jaya grocery shop next time when I want to get few dry stuffs for fasting preparation. But I guess not so much difference in price, maybe just few cents but as long as we could save then why not???

 Lipton tea, banyak mahal laaaah... haiyoooo!!!

Coffee, this one I guess around RM3 something with six sachets. Don't drink tea and coffee often, they are not good for health. My previous habit, I drank tea excessively until my skin turns to be yellow. My ex-roommate, Abdul Jawad drinks tea too while he is pressured with his thesis, I could 'smell' toxic devouring his internal organ...

This Sunday, I would be off returning to KL. Third sister said she wants to come by and see me because she is stuck with her assignment. She is a nurse and what should I do to help her? She has to take a leave and return from Sa'udi to fulfil her course requirement. I had warned her about the degree but she was stubborn. I'm not even a medical student to begin with, but I hate to see her nor anyone crying in front of me due to that I understand she has no companies to help her with her assignment. I also have no one to help me with the thesis but only Allah is the greatest and honored Wali for me. 

Maybe I should do some reading for her nursing teaching plan. Ya Allah!!! I had bought the ticket for home and she said that she wants to come by. I think that it would be good to just follow her return home but I had already bought the ticket last Sunday. It would be a waste. Many things come without any plan in our life. Sometimes when we plan something, it turns out to be different thing. Because the decision for that to happen is the right of Allah.

It's now an hour before our Maghrib prayer service. Need to prepare with ma'amad ritual and ablution before going to masjid because it is a sacred place and I must respect the House of the Lord. After we enter into worldly business, then we must clean ourselves with ma'amad. Angkat hadas besar lah pas tu angkat hadas kecil, hahaha

A bit fussy ritual but quite effective to clean our mind to see Him though our physical eyes could not see Him. He is seeing us anyway. I hope to see the kitaab at-Tawheed by Muhammad Abdul Wahhab in the mosque, I would bring with me my notebook to jot down few important things from his kitaab. Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love for brothers and sisters in faith may everyone be blessed with wisdom.  

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