Monday, 13 June 2011

African Garden - Keyhole Garden

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Just read an online newspaper about African Garden which is called as Keyhole Garden. It looks beautiful, green, and yet edible introduced by Lesotho Africans in Britain. It is a garden for community where vegetables such as spring onion, lemongrass, sprouting broccoli, and salad leaves are given newly flying start when residents around the garden are prompted to donate a large amount of chicken manure.

I wonder if mosques or neighborhoods here could also conduct this kind of activity where residents around the mosque or a particular neighborhood are invited along as part of  a programme such as what had been practiced in Britain in Eden Project's Seeds, Soup and Sarnies. It is a programme which encourages people to grow, cook, eat and share produce with their families and the local community. 

The benefit from the programme are that, the vegetables grown are organic, cleaner and doubtless compared to what we bought in the market. People could save their money and more importantly it is a congregational activity. Muslim brothers and sisters could assemble together and develop amity or talking about the Greatness of Allah according to our fellow Tablighi brothers or glorify Allah while harvesting or planting their shared vegetables. 

I had seen an almost similar kind of project in Putrajaya. An ah po at my previous neighborhood in Hulu Langat also did the same and using urine as the fertilizer for her organic vegetables. It is still a good effort for the ah po especially when she was affected by stroke. She still working with her plants. It is therapeutic for her. 

I guess it would be good if being practiced in a large scale by community as a habit during our free time especially food price is not really stable for the time-being and it is not good to be dependent to government. They have other things to take care too. Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love for brothers and sisters.

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