Monday, 30 May 2011

Ulul 'Azmi

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

When we already know about who are the 25 prophets and messengers of the God. So, what is this ulul 'azmi? I had stumbled on few complaints by some non-Muslim or revert brothers and sisters. Those in western world and english speaking world are alsoo complaining. What are the meaning of some terms used by these muslims while we couldn't understand what are they talking about. So, basically I am trying to help out those fellow brethren.

This is according to my understanding, but if they appear to be a bit wrong please forgive me dear brothers and sisters in Islam. I am also learning and I am not embarrassed of receiving comments and correction. I love those who help me out and correcting me. I understand how revert brothers and sisters feeling when we couldn't understand what are these terms mean because we just begin to learn about the religion. Even when we are exposed to the religion since our childhood time, that doesn't signify that we know everything, right?  

So, basically ulul 'azmi means the prophets and messengers of the God who works hard and facing difficulties with patience and great perseverance in their mission conveying the message of the God to the nation. They worked hard and performing jihad in implementing His teachings in their society although being mocked, laughed at, being accused as lunatics, accused as magicians, the people hurt their feelings, and etc. 

So, western civilized and french secular friends, jihad doesn't always mean holy war as what had been notoriously popularized in the media today. When the Catholic's Jesuit and Franciscan missions coming to South East Asia and evangelizing the natives around 15th C, they were also performing jihad to ungodly people who doesn't believe or doesn't even know about the crucifixion of the Christ according to Catholic creed.  When the Portuguese trying to evangelize and converting the Nazarenes of Malabar Coast in Southern India because they are not Christians according to Latin rites, the Portuguese were also performing jihad.

This is what happened when we teach arabic to people while we do not even know the root word that forms the verb in certain language or its grammar let alone being the believer in the religion.  I don't have to be a Hindu to understand their philosophies and I would never lie about them nor insult their intelligence like what I had seen in few silly websites regarding Islam when the heart is full of hatred and ignorance.

Who are the ulul 'azmis? They are:

1. Nuh (Noah) 
2. Ibrahim (Abraham)
3. Musa (Moses)
4. Isa (Jesus)
5. Muhammad (saw)

Why they are classified like this? Because they had faced difficulties and tests from the God with great patience and perseverance. The tests and difficulties faced by them are actually unbearable and greater compared to what had been faced by other prophets and messengers of the God. How do we know? Very long story where we need to read the Qisaasul Anbiyaa and then we would know why. As for prophet Muhammad (saw), his life is so interesting. He has no close friends too when he was a young man, meditating alone in Hiraa' cave and when I read about him as a seven years old kid, I had great faith but I didn't know how my faith slipped away from my heart when I began to grow up and I didn't know how I could forget the sufferings and torment faced by this great prophet that I read from the kitaab when I was a kid. 

I regret many kids today know about Justin Bieber or other artists but when we ask them about these basic things regarding our religion, they would hesitatingly answer us. It's not only others but also myself. I would spit myself for neglecting these basic things first and praying for His love and mercy to others may everyone be blessed with knowledge, guidance, and success.    

Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad wa 'ala aali Muhammad ka-maa sallaita 'ala Ibrahim wa 'ala aali Ibrahim. Wa baarik 'ala Muhammad wa 'ala aali Muhammad ka-maa sallaita 'ala Ibrahim wa 'ala aali Ibrahim. Fil 'aalamiina innaka hamiidum-majiid! Allah please be in contact with our holy prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family as You had been in contact with our patriarch Ibrahim and his family. Allah please bless our prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family as You had blessed our patriarch Ibrahim and his family. In our knowledge and be known to the world, You are indeed the One entitled for the praises and nobility!!!

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