Monday, 30 May 2011

Characters of a prophet and a messenger of Allah

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

This is actually the session for us to recall what we had learned during our schooling time. I believe every muslims learned about these no matter they were schooled in religious schools or in secular schools especially in Malaysia where we have Islamic Education classes but I wonder how many of us bother to memorize all of these at least for their own selves and at least they could answer others' when they ask?

A prophet and a messenger of the God actually possess and displayed prophethood characteristics since their toddler time. The particular person already had those characteristics before he received revelation from the God. They must also possess these characteristics:

1. Siddiq (truth)
It indicates that a prophet and a messenger of the God must be speaking and acting the truth.

2. Amanah (trustworthiness)
He must be a person trusted by others, and trustworthy in keeping the trust of others.

3. Fathanah (intelligent)
He could comprehend everything that happened around him.

4. Tabligh (conveying)
A prophet and a messenger of the God must convey the message to others, so if they do not convey the message then they failed to fulfill the responsibility from the God for their ordination thus doesn't deserve to be known as a messenger of the God.

A prophet and a messenger of the God is impossible possessing these characteristics:

1. Kizzib (liar) 
A prophet and a messenger of the God is never a liar. 

2. Khianah (betrayer)
A prophet and a messenger of the God never betrays others.

3. Balid (imbecile)
The God would never ordain an imbecile to be a prophet and a messenger of the God but He knows who are the best person to be chosen in conveying His message and love to His slaves and servants.

4. Kitman (hiding)
A prophet and a messenger of the God would never hide the message of the God from others because he functions to transmit the teaching of the God to the nation.

Believing in the prophets and messengers of the God is the fourth pillar of sunnah orthodox Islamic faith. The God is protecting and guiding these people acts and words. They are ma'asum which means they are innocent and protected from sins and errors in every aspect of speech, morality, and daily life. But as to say, they are not gods. The God would never have to protect Himself from sins because He is the Most Perfect amongst all. How could we check all of these characteristics whether they fit or not to every individuals mentioned in few posts? We need the help of Quran and Qisaasul Anbiyaa'. Hope it benefits me myself and brothers and sisters that I love with all of my heart.

Sealed with prayers for peace and love. May Allah grants us some knowledge from His infinite knowledge. We pray so that Allah would guide everyone with His guidance and light of truth. May we learn the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah with our heart pure to receive His blessings and making us closer to Him. May He opens our heart to know Him and giving us the goodness in the world that would also be useful in the hereafter, aamin!!!

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