Monday, 23 May 2011

Taufeeq and Hidayah

With the Name of God the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent!

This is an extraction from a religious lecture by an ustad whom I could barely remember his name. First of all what is Taufeeq? It is also a name for Muslim boy. We may name our son Taufeeq as it is in masculine form. I love this word. I understood this word as a meaning for success and luck through the blessings of God. It would be followed by the word Hidayah which means guidance from God. Hidayah is a feminine word. So it could be a name for a girl. 

A person who is granted with taufeeq would have the ability to perform religious duty and life responsibility. Taufeeq and hidayah are both different things but they are a package. A person with taufeeq sometimes have no hidayah. A person with hidayah sometimes could be a person without taufeeq. As an example, a person with taufeeq could be a person who is blessed with success and ability to perform a certain charity act but he has no hidayah thus he could not completely display his role as a servant of God. A person with hidayah as an example might be a person who is inspired by God to perform religious duty and life responsibility but he has no taufeeq thus but because he has no taufeeq so he is hindered from performing the hidayah part.  

According to Wahbah Suhaily, hidayah could come in four forms:

1 - Tabi'ee which means the guidance in the form of intuition. All of His creatures possess this and He grants this to us all. It also includes animals, organisms and trees. It has no difference in a Muslim individual or a non-Muslim individual. As for example a bird could make an extremely beautiful nest and not even human could challenge it. It is a hidayah or guidance of God to the bird. 

2 - 'Aqal which means the guidance in the form of idea. When a person think hard to solve something and an idea emerge from that. That is called as the guidance in the form of idea from Lord God. A person feels the need of love and mercy, thus that is also called as a guidance in the form of idea. The sincere feeling which arise from a servant's heart and soul for brotherhood is also a guidance in this category.

3 - Hawaasiy which means the guidance in the form of senses. For example, when we receive a good news we would smile. It is spontaneous but how could it happens? It is through the guidance of God. When we receive sad news we would feel sad. That is a guidance from God. If a person feels in contrary then it must be something wrong in an individual.

4 - Deen which means the guidance in the form of law of life. It is a guidance in a term that a servant of God is performing God's order and avoiding His prohibitions. This guidance is the most highest guidance when it is accompanied by taufeeq. A person who feels to go to the mosque, it is called as religious guidance. And then he has the ability to reach the mosque and he is already inside the mosque performing worships to Him. That is taufeeq. A person who is granted by God the taufeeq and hidayah is indeed a successful person in this life and the hereafter if it remains the same to his end in this world. 

What are the elements showing that a person is receiving taufeeq and hidayah? First of all, he or she would feel everything is easy for him despite of difficulties faced, and then he or she is a person who think wisely. He or she is patient in performing worships, charity and life. He or she is consistent and committed in performing the charity and worship.

How could a person receive success and guidance? According to surah al-'Ankabut verse 169, we need to pursue the guidance. It does not come without any effort. The term used for this effort in arabic is called as mujahadah or jihad. It doesn't only mean holy war like in Bush's speech or displayed in global medias. That is ignorance. Vanquishing ignorance through one's effort or a group's effort is also a form of jihad.

As for example for this statement where a person receives success and guidance through effort. He is having a problem say he had received an offer from a company but he also has other commitments. Then he performs istikharah salaat to ask God what is good for him. He also asked others opinion concerning the solution. The istikharah salaat, his prayers to God, and consultation are considered as a jihad and effort for him self. The inspiration and intuition in his heart about what is good is hidayah while when he makes the move for what had been inspired is called as taufeeq. He is thus successful in a quest in this life if everything goes smoothly for that particular time.

But in pursuing taufeeq and hidayah, there are also few negative zones which could make a person confuse in his quest for that. Thus, a person need to be really careful and performing du'as (supplications and prayers) so may his or her efforts of getting the guidance being protected by Lord God until they are successful.

The development in society today, many had changed from previous style of life to the newly blessed life style. Many too had repented and changing their life but in this effort, it is better for every one to slowly change and not drastically transforming. A person who wants to change from previous life style to the better will always being the prey of satans. The tests are more heavy. So, may we continue our efforts to be a person who perform charities and receiving the blessings of God. 

Sealed with love, peace, and prayers for blessings for brethren in faith. "It is indeed not you (Muhammad) who guides the person that you like but God is the One who guides any one that He wants (to be a follower of His law), and He knows the best who will be guided (and being succesful in His path)" -- surah al-Qasas verse 56

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