Monday, 23 May 2011

Furu' al-Masaail

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Last week I had came across a kitaab written by local South East Asian ulama called Syeikh Daud b. Abdullah Fathani from South Thailand. He was an ulama in Pattani Sultanate around 17th C. The kitaab was displayed in the Bangi PKNS for sale. I think that it is quite interesting.

Never thought that those yellow kitaab was transliterated and translated again into modern Malay from classical Malay because I also have some yellow kitaabs with me in jawi script. I have to read them slowly to understand what they are talking about because the lingo is quite confusing and influenced by Arabic and Persian style.

These ulamas in South East Asia are usually the followers of Syafi'ie school. However I believe that it is also suitable for students in the universities and schools to refer especially now the ustads had taking the efforts in transliterating and translating them for our convenience. 

I had seen Tablighi kids reading the hadiths compilation and in the kitaab of Fadhaail 'Amal. It is also good if it could be accompanied by local kitaab as well because the school of the students here is the Syafi'ie school unless if they are Muslim Indian students with Hanafi background. 

Anyhow all of the schools are from the basic sunnah, just small matters anyway. I am just thinking that at least foreign students in our campus musalla could also see the local tradition beside being introduced to fellow muslims tradition in other countries. I want to buy this kitaab but I guess I would have to be patient, hehehe. I am still broke and God will give me sustainace in many ways.

Sealed with prayers for peace and love. Blessings to prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family. Blessed be the ustads who took the efforts and translating the kitaab into modern language. Hope these treasures could help us students in building up ourselves as Muslim students and individuals. Hope the treasures being among stimulators of our civilization : ) 

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