Monday, 30 May 2011

Simple remembrance after prayer services

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Dear brothers and sisters, especially those english speaking ones. After we finished our salaat or prayer services whether alone or with a congregation in the mosque, home, musalla, and anywhere. It is also a good time for us to make supplications to Him where we may ask anything that we would like Him to grant to us with manner and politeness.

Before we start the supplications dear brothers and sisters in faith, we may want to recite some dzikr or remembrance in order to focus our mind to Him so we won't think about other things except Him since He is the One that we are going to ask for some thing.

They are very simple brothers and sisters. You may just chant few dzikrs if you could not perform the longer version of ma'thurat due to that being occupied with other things. You may chant these for prayer services like dzuhr and 'asr since the times are usually the time where we are occupied with other things. However, firstly clear our mind and begin to focus on Him. Begin our dzikr with:

Seeking forgiveness from the God: I seek forgiveness from the God the Greatest, where there is no One except Him who is the living God and standing without any help from others and I repent to Him! 3x

Proclaiming there is no gods but only the God: There is no gods except for the God, He is alone without any partners, for Him the possession of the vast kingdoms (universe), and for Him praises and He has the power over everything! 3 x 

Seeking protection from the torments: O Lord our God, salvate us from the hell! 3 x

Seeking the peacefulness and tranquility: O Lord our God, You are the Peace, and from You comes the peacefulness, and to You all the peacefulness return, and You had given life to us o our Lord, with Your peacefulness, and place us into the paradise full of peacefulness, blessed be You o our Lord, and exalted be You o Lord, who possesses the Dignity and the Honor! 

Recite al-Fatihah and the verse 255 from al-Baqarah.

Chant the dzikrs:

O God our Lord: Glory be to You! 33 x

And, praises be to You! 33 x

The God is the Greatest! 33 x

The God is the Greatest and He is the Biggest of all, and all of the praises only for Him, and glory be to Him in the morning and in the evening, there is no gods except the God, and there is no power and the strength except with the God who is the Most Highest and the Most Great!

Then we may start our supplications whether in arabic or in our mother tongue that we are comfortable with. We may chant the supplications after the salaat in chinese, urdu, farsi, english, hausa, zulu, swahili, or whatever language that we know or understand. 

So do not worry much. In our country, Malaysia it is a bit different because some people might feel it is a necessity to use arabic in supplications. It is ok to memorize the supplications in arabic but also make sure we understand what we are asking from the Lord : )  

Sealed with prayers for peace and love. May brothers and sisters benefit from the meaning of these chants and try to at least learn the arabic chant for these so you may also enjoy the languages created by the God for everyone to know each other and to be friends in peace.

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