Monday, 16 May 2011

Muhammad (saw) Last Sermon

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

This sermon was delivered by our beloved prophet, Muhammad (saw) in 'Uranah Valley, 9th of Zulhijjah 10 H. He delivered this sermon on 'Arafah Hill in front of Muslims during the 'Aidul Ad'ha celebration before he left us in this temporary world. May he becomes our salvator in the herafter with His permission, aamin!

"O human, listen carefully to what I wanted to say as I am not sure whether I would ever see you again after this year passing. Listen to me carefully and deliver it to those who are not here today.

O human, as you consider this month and this city (mecca) as the holiest, so must you consider the soul and the property of your brethren Muslim as the holiest trust. Return the trust that had been put on you to its rightful owner. Never hurt anyone so may others do not hurt you too. Remember that you will be going to see your Lord and He would surely counting every thing that you had done. He had prohibited usury nd every matter regarding usury is illegal since then.

Be careful with Satan for the safety of your religion. He had given up in tricking you in huge matters but beware with little matters so that they would not be the root for you to follow his footsteps. 

O human, as you have the rights on your wife, so do your wife has the rights on you. When they had completing their responsibility on you, so they are rightful to receive foods and shelter in lovelihood. Treat your women with care and love, be gentle to them as they are indeed your assistant and your loyal companions. Your rights on them is that they should not bring the people that you are not in favor with, and they are prohibited from fornification and adultery. 

O human, listen to my words diligently. Worship God, performing five times daily salaat, fast in the month of Ramadhan, and perform the purification of your property. Perform hajj pilgrimage if you are able to. Be it known to you that a Muslim is a brother to another. All of you are equal and none of you are different of one another except in piety and charity that differentiate you in His view.

Remember that one day you will be seeing Him where you will be responsible on your deeds. So, make sure that you are in right track and be on it after my absence from your midst.

O human, there will be no more messenger of God nor prophet of God after me and there will be no more new religion. So, human consider this wisely and evaluate it. Understand what I had said to you. Indeed I am leaving you with two things where if you follow and be in compliance with both of them, you will not be deflected forever. They are the Quran and Sunnah (traditions).

May those who listened to my words deliver it to others. May the last one understood my words better than those who get these words in the first hand. Testify this O God that I had delivered Your messages to your slaves and servants!!!"

May we remember this sermon always and bear them in our mind. May our nation being a nation honored by God to receive His blessings, aaamin!!!   

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