Monday, 16 May 2011

10 Advices of our honorable brother: the Martyr Hassan al-Banna

Assalamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

May I remember this always. Each time I am breathing, I would always recite this advice by the martyr brother Hassan al-Banna may Allah bless his pure soul and his family. May it becomes amongst the motivation for us to perform obedience to Allah in our daily life so that we and our nation receive Patronage from Him, aaamin!!! 

With the Name of Allah the Most Compassionate, the Most Beneficient

1) Dear friends, immediately performing five times daily salaat once you have heard the calling of prayers. Try work on it according to your ability. It reflects your desire to perform your obligation. There is the source of success, there is the source of nusrah (help from God). Look at the Words of God begin with the order to hasten to perform salaat. Look at how God has ordered salaat to be apart of the Way, even in the battlefield in the moment of difficulties or easiness. 

2) Dear friends, recite and read the Quran. Try to understand the message. Be in meditation always and find the knowledge although a little that you could get. Stop wasting your time and living the life without any goal. Indeed Quran is the source of the ocean of knowledges. It is the source of guidance for me and for you. Read Quran may it becomes your salvator. Always read it and try to memorize it. Meditate and chanting His Names without feeling tired. You may find tranquility and peacefulness. Be a peaceful servants of Lord!   

3) Dear friends, try to encourage yourselves to speak in Classical Arabic. Start even only with a word. You had already speaking in Arabic for long when you perform salaat. Try to say a word although you do not understand it. Amongst the problem with us now is that we do not speak in Classical Arabic anymore, instead speaking in Dialectical Arabic or speaking in English when we communicate amongst each other. Classical Arabic suppose to be our communication tool.

4) Dear friends, do not quarrel amongst each other. Debate something only for the benefits of the nation. Be careful with quarrels as Satan always trying to deflect you into fragmentations.

5) Dear friends, smile always but make laughter less. Our holy prophet (saw) is a person who always smile but never have big laughs.

6)  Dear friends, we may make jokes and also be serious but make sure that they are in suitable times.  Without jokes, life is not interesting. But jokes could not be excessive. 

7) Dear friends, control your voice, check back surah al-Israa'. Do not pray in the voice which is too high or too low but in the middle of it.

8) Dear friends, avoid from mocking, back-bitting, slandering, and lower-estimating other congregations of your brethren. Talk only charity for everyone's benefit. We could only talk about something bad according to syar'ie (legalized way) only if it is for justice, removing evil, to warn fellow brethren about evil, declaring evil and wickedness so that people could avoid it.

9) Dear friends, expand friendship and amity among brethren. Be friendly and greet our brethren with prayers for peace each time we see them. The basis of da'awa movement is through love, amity, and friendship among brethren.

10) Dear friends, maximize the benefits that we could gain through the beneficial usage of time. Familiarize ourselves with schedule so that we may plan well our activities for daily life in remembrance to Allah. Be wise with time, time is dangerous than sword in the same time it is gold. Appreciate the time of your brethren and also respect your time. No wasting of times with useless speech but only beneficial matters for the nation and our civilization.

Ya Rabbana, my faith is so weak and fragile. Please help me to be a useful Muslim and strengthen my faith to perform the practices and the seeking of knowledge :'( Help my beloved brethren to be on the path that You have legalize through scripture and may we strive hard to rebuild our civilization. Amin!

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