Thursday, 19 May 2011

Message of the Martyr al-Banna to Youths

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

I love you Mr. al-Banna may Allah be with you always. You are an example of a da'ie who is not affected with materials but keep moving even in your limited spaces in placing Quranic rules into its place. Nothing could be in comparison to what you had done in strengthening the bonding of brotherhood among Muslims and our Arab nation although our nations do not always listen to Quran and Sunnah in this period. 

I am lamenting myself and hoping that Allah would help us to get into practices without any wait. May your message being an inspiration for us to build up our selves. May it benefits brothers and sisters in managing our da'awa system. Each time I read about you, I feel that I am close to you dear Mr. al-Banna. I hope God would help me sending my regards to your soul in the world there and to tell you how I am proud of you. Please rest in peace and we will see each other when the time comes...

Insya'Allah I would perform prayers for your soul and your family tomorrow evening at the time of peaceful Saturday before Maghrib. You are not dead my dear martyr, you are indeed still alive and receiving sustainance from your Lord (aal-'Emraan 169-171). 

May all of you be happy under His shade and protection alive or resting in peace. I still do not know how would I end up. But I just hope that I end up in rememberance of Lord God and in charity with His Names. May Allah chase away satans when I am near to my death. May my brothers and sisters receive goodness and always in good condition whether in spiritual or in daily life :'

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  1. I think Hassan Al-Bana's biography was the first biography i read. still very young then (so it's been ages since then) but the only thing i remember is he dreamed the answers to the exams he was about to have the next day.

    may Allah bless his soul and raise him with our beloved Prophet (saw).


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