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Manners for Quran memorization process

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

With the Name of Allah (the God), the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent

I am actually a bit disappointed with my self. I suppose to follow one of my sister and parents to Saudi next semester but I had made wrong plan in the last semester. Well, at least this will happen when we do not discuss the matter with anyone. I have no one to talk too concerning my studies even my lecturers are so busy and my classmates, of course I have barriers to talk with girls since they are not my mahram

My sister had offered to help me with visa so that we could be together in Saudi. She wanted to move out from the place where she currently works in. She wants me to help her out with her english due to that her level of confidence in english is quite low and i also have to help her out with her final semester thesis as it is in english. She studied nursing and I have to read her books too. Since I could not see anyone cries so I would just agree to help her. She is my sister anyway, I don't want to see anyone in sadness nor failure.  

I had been thinking to get arabic certificate too so that I could possibly apply for translator job in private companies there while hoping that I could perform 'umrah in holy mecca to get better luck and getting His valuable blessings in this life and hereafter. Maybe He wants me to improve certain things more before reaching Him again. I am so sad, but yeah we would never reach Him easily as this life is full of bumps, loopholes and heaps.

I have to repeat a paper on political and decision making in Europe this coming semester and the next year I would have to cover another paper concerning the economy in Europe. Wenpei too did not pass the political and decision making paper so I am still lucky to have my classmate with me next semester. 

Economy is not my thing so I was so afraid that I would do it bad so I talked with my classmate, Sivagami. The girl said that she is also afraid since she is also from pure linguistic line. We do not have any ample knowledge about economy.  I also called our senior, sister Rezwana and she suggested me to split the paper in the beginning of this semester if I think that I would not be able to cover the whole thing because she did the same and she is working while doing master. So, basically I and Siva decided to be the only seniors that taking the paper in the fourth semester. I also hope that I would not facing too much obstacles for my research and hope it finish according to the plan. 

The other thing is that I have to take spanish again because I had forgotten to attend my german test. And german is quite tough so I think I better off with spanish. Just to fulfill my certificate requirement and I had already have some basic in spanish compared to german. Only a level more to finish, be patient friend!

I also heard a news which is not so good to be heard last two days where one of my friend from the same course but a bit senior than me had only pass minimum requirement for his thesis. I could not talk with him and I hope that he would not lose his faith in God. I understand how he feels especially when I always listen to friends in sadness if they wanted to share it with me. At least if I could not share their happiness I could listen to their sadness and they would feel a bit relieved. Beg Lord God for the obstacles being removed please! This friend also had helped me when I was in my first degree and he still helps me when I am in this level of study although he never follows me to the mosque when I persuaded him because guidance is only with Him. If I can't return his favor with favor I really feel that I am so evil. Say that indeed everything is from God, and to Him we return.

So, what should I do to cure my disappointment, ja? I think I maybe need to recapture my memorization of muqaddam (beginning of Quran) and juz 'amma suras. Next semester I still have more or less six months, I had wasted times in my life so may He permits not wasting anymore. May God forgives me but I would never have any chance to recover it back. Serves me right anyway for being an ignorant! 

Some friends had suggested me to divide my memorization according to parah or juz (section). I had already finished ek parah (one section) which consists of dvai suras (two divine letters). But to maintain them both is so hard. I maybe need a notebook special for memorization. I had already begin this custom when I was in holy mecca but once i returned home i was so busy with academic studies and distractions around. I tried to ask forgiveness but the distractions still come, my Lord. Maybe I haven't enough focus, may You forgive me. 

Later when I lived with Zaidi who was my second year roomate during my bachelor degree, I practised memorization again. I found that my life was full with energy when I practise a Muslim life according to what we call as sunnah tradition to guard memorization although my daily routine in the campus is so hectic and sometimes quite frustrating. I even could submit my assignments only a week after being issued by lecturer and she was so surprised with what I had done. She said, "I had never seen such a student like you doing this, this is crazy!!!" May God bless Zaidi, I always remember you brother no matter if you had already forgotten me. You are one of my teachers and mentors, how could I forget you? My respect, dear brother.

To begin with the manner of memorizing Quran. I need to first isolate myself from publics because it may distract me. This is for personal recitation for memorization and time with God during Saturday service during Friday evening because it is the time for personal supplications or du'a

Take shower with the intention to be in prayer and worshiping Him. Well, each daily prayer time especially for fajr (sunrise), dzuhr (noon), 'asr (after noon) and maghrib (sunset) prayers we need to perform the hadas akbar shower (dipping in water) and I call it as ma'mad in arabic and wudhu' (ablution) after that.  It is actually time consuming accompanied with niyyah (intention) and supplications so around half an hour or 15 minutes before prayer times we need to perform all of these if we have no duty or in free time. 

This is actually an old tradition which is also mentioned in sunnah. Usually I do not care how busy I am or no matter where I am, I would try to perform this and after that being called as an orthodox by few friends. I don't care, let them call me anything they want or how pathetic I look like when performing these. I believe what has been prescribed in Quran and Sunnah benefits us in this life and hereafter. I was just like them or even worse laughing at the sunnah adherents when I was an ignorant.   

Then I may need to have some 'oud (sandalwood), myrhh and frankincense stock in my closet, because we need to respect and celebrate holy words of God with fragrances. He is indeed Merciful and full of Love to lowly slaves and servants by revealing His holy words to us as a blessing among blessings. I had noted a ba'alawi shop in Georgetown when I followed tablighi friends. I may not buy those stuffs with friends because only for my personal use. Malay friends might mistaken me for performing polytheistic worship because last time Mijie had complained that to my friend and my friend had asked me to be careful with certain practices not in common with Malay customs. Now I am lucky because my roomate is only in the room once in a blue moon. 

Then I also need to perform memorization and recitation after obligatory prayers. To begin with memorization I may need to follow the guidelines given by elders concerning memorization. They are in the form of dzikr (remembrance of God), invocations, and supplications before beginning memorization and after finishing memorization. 

I could not type the arabic script for the supplications due to barriers and respecting holy words but only sharing the meanings of those formula for Quranic memorization. They are necessary to guard memorization and cleaning our inner selves after we purified our external self with ma'mad and wudhu' rituals.

To begin the memorization 

Recite the al-Fatihah, mother of the scripture

Recite the ayatul Kursi verse 255 surah al-Baqarah

Recite al-Ikhlas, al-Falaq and an-Naas seeking protection from God from distractions

Chant the dzikr asking forgiveness from God, "I seek forgiveness from You and I repent my sins" 10 x

Chant the salawaat to prophet Muhammad (saw), "Our Lord be in connection with Muhammad (saw), and the family of Muhammad (saw) as You had been in connection with Ibrahim (Abraham) and his family. Our Lord, please bless Muhammad (saw) and his family as You had blessed Ibrahim (Abraham) and his family." 10 x

Chant this supplication to Lord God for our personal recitation and memorization

"O Lord our God, enlight me my view with Your scripture, and clear me my chest (to receive Your lessons), and use my body (to contain Your holy words), and make the words risen from my tongue, and fasten them inside my heart and soul, and make me quickly understand Your lessons and with Your Power and Your Strength thus there is no power except the Strength of God, the Greatest!"

Then chant this supplication

O Lord our God, open to us Your Wisdoms and from  the many blessings O You who is the Merciful amongst the merciful (no one is merciful than Him).

O Lord, clear me my chest (fill it with confidence and boldness), and make me easy in accomplishing my task, and untie the knot at my tongue so that they would understand my speeches (surah Ta-Ha:25-28). 

Indeed We revealed down the remembrance (scripture), and indeed it is with Us the task to guard it! 7 x

Begin the memorization of any surah or part of Quran that we desire to the end, memorize it and chant it slowly about half an hour at any time we feel free to do.

After the process done, chant this supplication dear brothers and sisters

I testify that God the Greatest is indeed true in His message (to me). And had accomplished the task of His messenger the noble one the message. It is indeed revealed by the Lord of the Universe. Our Lord, we believe in what You had revealed and we follow the messenger and write for us (in Your holy tablet) that we are among those who testifies Your truth! And praise be only to the God, the Lord of the Universe. Amin! 

These are some invocations that I use to chant for the process of memorization. I am sorry for the language style because it is in classical arabic and I tried hard to convey the message and try to stick to the meaning without making people misunderstand the message especially when there is no gloss translation with original language. 

Other people might have different prescriptions but this is what I had received and I practised when performing pilgrimage hajj rites and after I returned. Basically not really different, almost the same. maybe some are with additional prayers or simpler. Hope everyone teach our friends and anyone we are close with these supplications and spread the knowledge of scripture to everyone. May everyone being saved from disaster during the Day of Religion

I hope it is beneficial for everyone including myself and I sincerely pray that my respective brothers and sisters could also being granted the ni'mah (grace) to receive the honor from God our Lord. Amin! Sealed with love and peace.

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  1. wow. that's a lot to do before memorization!

    some people do see things funny when u do something out of the norm. like the incense (sandalwood n stuff). my old office practice burning sandalwood every monday and thursday which people would find odd and some even couldn't stand it.

    if they know the good thing about it and that it is quite common in other part of the muslim worlds, they'd probably start doing it themselves.


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