Sunday, 29 May 2011

Harapan Lake

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

These are some natural scenaries amongs the creations of the God in the university at harapan lake. I couldn't believe my eyes now that the place looks quite beautiful compared to when I was there, maasya-Allah! I feel a lil' bit scared looking at the monitor lizards roaming around too. They are everywhere even on the trees. These monitor lizards also gave the lake its nickname, which is tasik biawak.

The scene from beside Harapan desasiswa, not really far from masjid. There is an anthill there and a place to keep sports stuffs under the roof there. I believe they had cleaned this side of lake up because last time it was so filthy. 

Harapan desa, I wanted to shift to this desa during ramadhan 2010 because it would be easier for me to reach my classes but I feel sorry for a brother from china. I thought that he had no company in the musalla or to go to masjid for tarawieh prayers so I stayed there in my current desa till now. 

I would only approach those who are alone and being a company for them until they find other friends and companies for themselves and I would later leave them because a personal friend could not be a friend to many. I guess I am this type of being a personal friend and usually waiting for those who are unfortunate or lonely because I could understand the feeling. I can't be a friend for many, maybe that's just me.

I love the tree especially when it is not so sunny so we could see the tree looks like standing in peace on that island. I had been on that island when I walked with few friends that I know during our first year bachelor degree times. 

This is the side of the lake near Aman desa, the hostel where I lived for three years during my bachelor degree. I seldom return home and usually return during the second semester break which is quite long. We may choose this way to go to the mosque during Friday communal prayer and also other prayer services if we do not want to be seen by people we know because for a person like me, I don't have any transportation and just walking and doing anything in primitive ways. Some might think that I am weird and couldn't understand me.

To be honest, I don't have any ability like others to possess anything because when I do something I would only do the thing in pure intention and never mix it with my personal preferences even if I have to burden myself. If I borrow the money from someone for a certain purpose, then it would only be for that purpose. I would never violate the oath, it is a part of convenant to be His loyal servant! 

These are monitor lizards. They had been here for generations. The older generations died out and the new ones emerge. There are also lots of fishes living in the ecosystem. I have to avoid these lizards because I am afraid that they would eat me out, hehe. Maybe they are not interested in a skeleton but who knows, they had been living in the lake and might feel bored. What if they wanted to try a nice skeleton soup???!!!

And I end up my post about these creatures of the God with prayers for peace and love. No matter to trees, to monitor lizards, to fishes, to insects, to other visible and invincible creatures of the God living around me. I pray for you may you be blessed with His boundless and infinite grace, love and peace, aamiiin!!!!!!

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