Thursday, 5 May 2011

Dried Mushroom Noodle

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Just recording my life in this hostel. Last night before Isya' prayer I took dried mushroom noodle before having real meal after Isya.' I bought two packets of dried mushrooms since last semester and they are still there. Before 'Isya prayer why not taking them with maggi mee instant noodle?

I have this problem when I do not prepare for my dinner earlier and it would take away concentration when talking to God in Maghrib. It is ok if we could not talk to God but do not disturb our fellow jama'ah in concentration with our stomach making noise. That is not good.  

Vegetarian Maggi Mee with dried mushroom and Red Dates Longan Instant Tea with the cup left by Muhammad Sabran, hahaha thank you Muhammad hope you are happy with your family here

Very easy to prepare. Put dried mushrooms and pour hot water in the pera-pera. Pera-pera means tupperware in Kodiang Kedahan jargon because they bought the tupperware from a carnival called pera-pera in the town, lol. Wait until the mushrooms soften by hot water. Then toss the water out of the vessel and put the dried noodle and again pour hot water. Some spices from the noodle packet. Stir the spices right. Then cover up the pera-pera and wait for few minutes before it is ready to be eaten. Then we can continue with prayers. Thanks to maggi mee. 

Before we eat anything, do not forget to say prayer for protection and birkah (blessings) on the food we are having. Say: "O God our Lord, please bless for us in whatever You had grant to us as Your sustainance, and prevent us from the torment of the hell fire. With the Name of Allah, nothing in the heaven or in the earth would harm us with His Name." 

Just after finishing our meal, sit a while and recite praises and thanks to Allah 'Azza wa Jalla. He sustained us and never leaves us alone. Recite: "All of the praises to Allah who nourishes us with this meal, and vanquishing our thirst with this drink and make us please o Lord a Muslim (a person with tranquility in heart)." : ) 

It is OK to recite prayers outside of the salaat with any language that we speak. Allah never burden us instead helping us with our life before reaching Him, but we are the ones who put the burden on ourselves. Very simple right? : )

Till now, sealed with prayers: "O Allah bless us with Your sustainance through Your Mercy and Your Love to lowly slaves. Aaaminnn!!!"

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