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Holy Quran and Imam Musa Ibn Ja'afar al-Kazem (r.a)

Assalamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Only a reminder for myself as I have a little gap before remembering Him in a formalized way. I just read a blog called Message of Peace and there is an article by this person called S. M. Masum (2006). 

It says that one of the qualities that should be possessed by a Muslim is that the Quality of the Bearer of Quran. By all the means, we must work on the way to think Quran, talk Quran, and act according to Quran. Everything must be based to Quran.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) as recorded in Mizan al-Hikma said: "the most distinguished people in my nation are those who are the bearers of Quran and keep up the night with remembrance to Allah and prayers."  

As for example, the person of the nation who fulfilled the criteria is Imam Musa Ibn Ja'afar al-Kazem (r.a). He had memorized the Quran, recites the Quran in the best manner, acted according to the code taught by Allah in Quran and possessing the knowledge of Quran. I believe that these qualities should also be possessed by everyone and this is a good example.

As a person who knows about the interpretation of Quran, there is a story about al-Mahdi who was a ruler of Abbasid asked the honorable imam. 

Al-Mahdi: Is the consumption of alcohol is forbidden in Quran? I am asking this as people do know that they had been stopped from its consumption but they are unaware of its forbiddance.

Imam Musa: Of course alcoholic drink is haraam (illegal) in the Quran.

Al-Mahdi: Where in the Quran Allah has explicitly forbidden it?

Imam Musa: "Say (O Muhammad), My Lord forbidden only disgusting acts, whether it is seen or hidden and sinful act violates the rights of human-being without the right reason and (it is forbidden) to incorporate company to God with what God never gives authority and to talk something about God when you possess no knowledge about it." (tarjima of al-A'araf: 33)  

The imam further explains...

The disgusting acts that are seen refers to adultery and fornification. In the days of the ignorance, the perverts used to raise up flags outside the places which served as brothels.

The hidden disgusting act refers to marriage with stepmothers. In the days of the ignorance, when a woman lost her husband, the stepson would marry her.

And sinful act refers to the consumption of alcoholic drink.  

In explaining the reference of the word sinful act refers to the consumption of alcoholic drink, the imam retaliates it with the verse from al-Baqara verse 219 which says in the translation: 

They ask you about the alcoholic drink and the gambling. Say (o Muhammad): In both of them great sins and benefits for human but the sins out of them is greater from the benefits. And they ask you about what they spent, say more than the what is needed, that is how God explains the verses for you so may you think.

When the ruler heard such a detail explanation from the Quran, he said....

This ruling is the ruling of the Hashemite. (al-Kaafi)  

The imam is extremely attached to the glorious Quran. Syeikh Mufid has reported that Imam Musa was the most knowledgable person in Quran during his lifetime. He was its protector and preaching the teachings to everyone. He is a good recitor of quran and whenever he recites it, the listeners would be deeply touched and wept in tears. (al-Irsyad) 

What I get from the article is that, the imam has  these characteristics in respect to the glorious Quran where:

1) He was among the greatest memorizer of the Quran and he protects the contents Quran to the extent that no one did it during his lifetime.

2) His recitation of Quran is very nice with beautiful voice.

3) With the respect to the tone of recitation, his tone was sad and sorrowful and it is apart of the important ethics in reciting the Quran when it comes to certain part of verses.

4) He recites the Quran and made the listeners feel as he was addressing the words to them.

Allah bless prophet Muhammad (saw) Allah bless his companions, Allah bless his family, Allah bless his nation. May Allah grant us knowledge and guide us to Him through His boundless Mercy, amiiin!!!!

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