Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Just Moved to the New Room


I had just moved to the new room yesterday morning after several times climbing up the office for hostel asking for the new room's key because I can not stand the new roomate that the office had placed with me. He is actually from Gaza. 

Most of the Palestinians that I met are actually quite arrogant in some ways, nationalists (secularists) although they play 'aleem like an 'ailoum (Yemeni dialect for ulama) in front of me where I can easily detect that from the way they talk, and they can not understand tasawwuf way of thinking although Imam Syafi'ie himself came from Palestine. I can not stand this kind of people so I moved away, might be he don't like me and I don't expect people to favor me because I understand the reality of the world is not like what we think or want.

Last time, I had two other roomates. The first one was also a Palestinian from Gaza whose name is Muhammad Sabhan but I think that he is a nice guy and I was comfortable with him although we seldom talked.  He moved out once his family arrived in order to live with them. I did encouraged him to bring his whole family here if he thinks that it is not safe for them to live in their territory.

The second one who came in after a while I was alone in that old room was an old Indonesian uncle that had molested me until I had to seek refuge in musalla and the office didn't want to take people's safety into their consideration because they just don't care. They only care about themselves. I reported him, and later he went out of my room.

And this recent one, whose name is Abdul Jawad. A blue eyed guy with red hair who is pursuing his Phd in English Linguistics. I am not impressed with his appearance at all because I don't look at outer appearance and I believe Allah only judge us according to our level of fear to Him not because of our eyes are blue or how fair our skin is. This guy is going to finish his viva this end of March but I can't stand him anymore. 

I do understand Arab's culture and I am familiar with it because I had performed Hajj with my mother before. I read Arabic books when I was in secondary school and we have evening classes for Islamic education like other kids in Malaysia in the evening. This guy in the beginning he entered my room had asked me whether I am a Muslim or not. And certainly I felt uneasy with his question. If he thinks that I am a non-Muslim, why did he continue to bring in his stuffs into my room? He could just change to other room because he is a Phd student, unlike me who is a master student who can't choose my own roommate and has no contacts in here at all except for an ex-colleague who is now my senior and he also has his own life.

Before I went out from the room, he had offered to help me but he never apologize for causing me uneasiness like offending me when I listened to Quranic audio from my computer although I had tried to use the headphone and minimizing the sound because he said that I was disturbing him studying for his viva. Also when he want to pray, he told me that he wants to pray and turn down the volume or mute it when I was about to do that. 

I was there before him and I never did the things that he did to me. Even to other roommates, except to my second year degree roommate. I will always have to apologize to him. In fact I tried to be polite as possible as I can and I borrowed my friend the headphone for my prayers (recitation of Quran). I only chant the Quran in my heart while listening and doing my homeworks unlike when before no one being my roommate. 

When he listened to Umm Kalthum in the middle of the night, laughing out loud to videos from his computer shouting "mustahab" (lovely) and turning on the big light when I was sleeping. I never complained him at all. I understand he might want to have his leisure time and releasing his tensions after poking his nose in his thick book but he did not tried to understand others. 

I can't tolerate this type of people where they expect people to cooperate with them but they did not do the same. So, I packed all of my stuffs and writing the letter to the office saying that I want to urgently change the room. But I had to wait for about two days in order to get the keys because it was interrupted with the campus election amongst degree students. I sleept everywhere that I can in the night and thanks to musalla, it is a refuge for me. I went to the class on Tuesday without any preparation with my files and papers scattered all over.  

When I was about to bring all of my stuffs out to my new room, just in the opposite lane of my old room. Abdul Jawad offered me his hand but I refused. He said he will be there for few weeks and it would be worthless for me to move out but I don't want to keep having problem with new temporary roomates anymore. I hope that he is happy for these few weeks before his viva and wishing him good luck.

Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah. Now, I am in the new room.  Haven't got the chance to clean up the things  yet but I had bought few things like floor cleaner yesterday's noon because the floor near the window has some spots of bird defecates. Also piling up papers and boxes left by previous inhabitants and put them into a large garbage bag.

I suppose to stay with a Malaysian roommate but I can see that the other side is vacant when I came in until now. Only with little stuffs indicating that this new roomate is not always here. Guess he might be somewhere in his hometown. 

I hope that this new roommate is not like that troublesome Abdul Jawad. For the time being, I could have some privacy and I will use this opportunity to finish everything that being postponed due to my previous problem with the roomate including finishing my assigment about set-aside policy of europe and sending it before Friday evening to the lecturer, insya-Allah!

Allah bless prophet Muhammad (saw), Allah bless his companions, Allah bless his family members, Allah bless all of our faithful Muslim brothers and sisters. Grant us Your love and make us loving each other in the way to see You. Allah please grant us good akhlaq (morality). Allah grant us politeness. Allah grant us the faith in You. Amin! 

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