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Tabligh and Religious Work

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah!

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah. I had done with the first stage of presentation of my mini-thesis. The methodology lecturers are quite helpful and easy-goin'. I am so grateful to Allah 'Azza wa Jalla and to those lecturers of course. So I have lots of time to review everything. I can also take this opportunity to write about my experience today. 

This morning I had fallen asleep after morning prayer. A brother who is a Tabligh Karkon called Firdaus rang me a phone around 58 past 9 in the morning and reminding me about their program in mosque. I am so touched that he called me although I am not a member of Tabligh Jama'at

I am just a lone traveler where I am just walking alone in this dream. So, when the brother called me, it is touching for me. Nobody called me for religious purpose and not usually young guy. I always had my mother begging me to follow her to mosque, once upon a time. I decided to just follow them and listen to what they are going to talk in their meeting in the USM's mosque.

As what had been said by Imam 'Ali (r.a): "The most helpless of all men is he who cannot find a few brothers during his life time. But still more helpless is he who finds such a brother but loses him.

I do not want to lose any good brother. I had already have no close friends nor companies. When I walk to the mosque, I just walk alone. When I have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I am just alone in the hostel or anywhere. If I am at home, I have my mother. She is such a wonderful person although sometimes I have had few quarrels with her, but later I will apologize to her through my prayers for her.

I actually had asked the brother to visit me at my room and recite to me what they are talking about in the musalla. I didn't know that Tabligh members have their own kitaab which are the compilation of ahadiths from prophet (saw). 

But he did not even visiting me. Instead he told me to join their meeting in the mosque, which took place today. Ok, that is a good start for me. I can see how they work. They call their work as "religious work" which refers to Tabligh. A work done by prophet Muhammad (saw) and his companions.

I had browsed few links about Tabligh because I am curious. There are few negative remarks about Tabligh Jama'at and there are also positive ones about them. My maternal uncle is also a member of Tabligh Jama'at. He repents from his old lifestyle to embrace what had been taught by Tabligh Jama'at. Honestly I could say that, I was not a fan of Tabligh. I have this few bad experience with my maternal uncle's son and daughters who are also Tablighs. We saw them like, "what a boast."  I also had few bad experience with Tablighs who asked me to go to the musalla without realizing that I am also practising those sunnah things. I guess they might need some enlightments in the methods of preaching da'awa and sunnah to people so that their work could be more effective.

At that time I didn't realize about my paternal ahlul bayt lineage yet. I do have some religious knowledge but environment around makes me felt not interested to practice anything nor going deeper. My late maternal grandpa too seems like having high estimation on my Tabligh maternal uncle's family compared to us who love him so much and taking care about him and our grandma. He looked to us like we are ungodly ones. That is among the reason I became an infidel and being rude to Muslim's practices. By the way, my maternal grandpa was an appointed Imam of a village mosque in Arau before my maternal grandma fell sick. May Allah 'Azza wa Jalla forgive my grandpa, my grandma, and my sins. Have Mercy on us O Allah!

After my grandpa passed away, I feel so guilty and sinful. He wrote a letter before he passes away in Arabic script Malay saying that he apologized to me, and my sisters if he hurt our feelings. I have no hard feeling to him anymore and now I tried to be polite and positive with everyone including to Tabligh people when they came and talked with me. Bless my grandpa soul ya Rabbana!

What I can recall from the Tabligh meeting that I had joined this morning is that they keep emphasizing about the importance of religious work. About how Tabligh members among students must manage their time well, finishing their assignments before time before joining the khuruj or outing for mission in spreading the teachings of prophet (saw). 

Now I understand a lil' bit about the practice of outing in 3 days, 40 days, or 4 months. They will go to India, Pakistan or Bangladesh because those people there are among the first people who are blessed to pass the religious work to others. But I wonder why not to Mecca and Medina?

And then, they have this session which I always see after the 'Isya prayers where they will ask students or anyone to volunteer giving their name to be noted in their notebook for religious work or outing. I didn't offer my name. I think that I am not qualified enough for this although one of their leader had said that people do not have to wait to have a qualification to repair the broken society. I had read this in a tasawwuf book too.

I myself think that according to sirah nabawiyya or the history of prophet (saw), there was a part mentioned that prophet (saw) have to gradually purify himself in Hiraa' Cave. And then receiving revelation which is the knowledge and wisdom from Allah 'Azz wa Jalla through the mediation of Gibrael (as). And later spreading the religion in silence to his household and clan. And later to his companions. To neighbors which are the people of Yathrib and Ethiopia.

I guess that I am still in purification level. It does not mean that I am not doing any da'awa at this stage. I am doing it in silence through prayers and wisdom. When I see people, I will pray for them and for guidance. I will pray for light and blessings to be poured on people around me, to His creatures visible or invisible. And I try to behave according to the code taught by Allah Azza wa Jalla in Quran. 

Later, the program ends with a feast where everyone eats together in a tray filled with biryani rice and curry chicken. I am not that type of person who eats in the tray. I just eat some as to make sure that I am being polite and later excusing myself because I feel nauseated. I feel sorry to them, but I can't stand it. I went to Sungai Dua and vomit out at the back alley of shops. That might be a sacrifice to have good relationship with other Muslims regardless of their affiliation. 

I do not know if prophet (saw) eats in a tray with four persons or there were people selling basmathi rice and curry chicken in a tray in either Mecca or Medina period. I guess during prophet (saw) time, he might eats dry breads, grilled chicken, dates, and drink plain water with his companions. But not biryani rice with curry dripping from their beard.  It seems more like cultural things to me, and biryani seems like Indian than Semitic.

I don't want to sound like a Wahhabi nor a Secular because I am just a lay person Muslim. Mind too that I do not hold any problem with Wahhabi nor any school. I do not want to judge others, although people from Wahhabi could be harsh to others. Instead I want all Muslims regardless of their affiliations to be in Unity.  Let them who curse others realize that it is not good to be rude but through prayers may people gain guidance and enlightment from Allah 'Azza wa Jalla.

The karkon whom I mentioned in the beginning of the post called my phone. He asked me whether I want them to send me back to the hostel. I just do not want them to know that I vomit out at the alley, haha. So, I told him that I have to meet my classmates for assignments. Which is not true, because it was 1 pm when I threw out and going to a fast food restaurant for nourishment. I have to meet Celia and Emad at 5 pm for a presentation on the topic of LIFE+ Fund in EU this comin' Tuesday.

I sent him a message again to apologize: "Salam, thanks inviting me. I am sorry I have to leave early. I meet my classmates for assignment at Sungai Dua. Sorry not participating in name-giving (for khuruj). I believe that angels of peace are recording everyone's deeds (before Allah). I agree with most of those (Tabligh) leaders said... Anyhow, you have my prayers and moral support. It is not easy to see youngsters into religion. It is a grace from Allah."

As the conclusion, I believe that everyone have their own system of da'awa which still holds root to the tradition of prophets. Not only to prophet Muhammad (saw) but all of those prophets and messengers of Allah 'Azza wa Jalla. I refuse to despise anyone. Not even Shi'ites, Wahhabi, Sunnah, Salafi, Tabligh, and etc. As long as we profess witness to Allah as the only One worth to be worshipped. Muhammad His slave and messenger.

I apologize for my rude words in the post,  it is my weakness not of anyone. May Allah forgive me my sins. I don't intend it to insult any party but this is just my curious experience today. 

I pray for Allah to show His Mercy to everyone, pouring lights and guidance to us. Blessed be prophet (saw), his companions, his family, his disciples, and his ummah which is the nation of this dark aeon regardless of their creed. Save us from evil o Allah, bring us nigh to goodness, Aminn! 

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  1. the path is many and the tabligh's path is one. it was started by a great man to solve a critical spiritual problem at his time and place. it worked very well and in many places. eating shared in a tray, my guess and observation, is quite common there and and some middle east.

    i couldn't really mix with them as i've chosen my path, stumbling through it as i am, and happy with it. while they choose to seek closeness with Allah by inviting people to Him, i seek closeness by inside out.

    ...and the tray is still something to get used to. hehe.


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