Wednesday, 3 November 2010

O the Beneficent!


A good prayer delivered by Khaled Zaaher, a Yemeni singer. I don't know how to translate it into English but I can feel the meaning. The calling to the Most Beneficent who grants the prayers of servants and the love toward Him by servants for non-stop blessings and for what He had gives every servant. 

This prayer is in Yemeni Arabic. I will also having hard time transcribing the sound because I just learned standard modern Arabic in our evening religious school and in religious secondary school. That is before I turned away and shift to secular school when I was 15 and becoming a anti-hadith or anti-sunna,  beside being a full Buddhist by chanting Three Gems refuge after I am disappointed seeing Muslims attitude. Well, I was 15 at that time. Lord Allah the Most Beneficent still having His Mercy on me although I turned myself away from Him.

O Allah, please forgive me my sins, my ancestors sins, my parents sins, and forgive our brothers and sisters in faith sins, grant us our wishes for good benefits, amin!

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