Thursday, 4 November 2010

Flood in Northern Malaysia, November 2010


I had heard news about the flood that happened in Northern Malaysian states especially our Kedah state, Perlis, and also Southern Thailand. The victims of flood that died in Kedah till now is 4 persons while in Thailand I guess around 100 or maybe more.

Rain pours down for more than 3 days and I also think that Thailand has to open up the gate of their dam in South Thai to ease the consequence of flood in Thailand. It makes southern states, I mean northern Malaysian states being affected by the flood earlier because flood usually happens in December and not  in November.

I remember that the worst one happens around ten years ago, we have to celebrate Eid Mobarak in flood at my grandparents house with snakes swimming near our feet and faeces floating around. But this one is even worse.

I had talked with my friend and my ex-colleague during my bachelor degree who lives in Jitra of the Kubang Pasu district this evening. He told me that their food stocks are almost done and they can't buy anything from the shops since they are all closed. I am worried that they would get starved and disease would spread out due to the flood. Our beloved state's economy might facing downturn too.

In the Kedah Lanie blog, I had get some information that few Madrasas are sunken too. Poor religious studies students.  The worst one is in the Ma'ahad Tarbiyya Islamiah Derang in Pokok Sena, Alor Setar in our state's capital. For more information or to assist them, please contact Ustaz Abu Khair at 6-019-56228611 or Ustaz Qamaruddin Qassim at 6-019-5228455 or at 6-019-4782708. I am also worried about those religious studies students in Baling, Sik, and Kuala Nerang districts not to forget, those in South Thai.


I guess this is among the tests from Him on everyone in the states. Hope that He grants everyone with faithful strength, patience and taqwa to go through this test. 

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