Sunday, 7 November 2010

Arabic greetings for Chinese speaking Muslims


I had read a post in one of our sisters' blog, she has a very interesting point about people who are well-versed in religious studies always using some Arabic terms or greetings which we as publics can't really understand. I am also thinking the same in this matter and I am pretty sure others too agree with this.  It is not about denying anyone's ability in any studies, it is just for the sake of understanding and convenience. All of us are learning and will always learn.

This had brought me to my conversation with a respective Muslim Chinese friend from Gansu. Gansu is located in Northwest of China and a strong fort of Islamic adherents in China. I have a huge respect to this province of China and once I met the brother who talked with me, I already could guess where he came from based of his loyalty to Islamic teachings. They actually just like Malays using lots of Islamic or Arabic terminologies in their everyday Chinese. I would like to share this with our brothers and sisters Muslim Chinese for your own convenience. 

This is just to show to everyone that not only Malays like in Malaysia has this culture but it is a wide-spread culture.  Muslims who speak no Chinese too can learn. I would love to encourage everyone to learn Chinese and if possible other Chinese dialects for Da'awa purpose. Till now I had a little bit made the jama'a in the surau at my place of staying realize that sino-speaking Muslim do exist in Malaysia. We are all brothers in humanity and the most important thing are brothers and sisters in faith.

I think it is good for sinophone Muslim to get some information about this so next time you can help other people in the term of educating them about Islamic terms or greetings. I had learned the first Islamic greetings from my Muslim Chinese friend which is 賽倆目 or pronounced as Sailiamu. It simply means Salaam from Arabic with the meaning peace in English but written in Chinese script and sound.

The other variant of 賽倆目 is  色蘭 in pinying is pronounced as Selan. It is still the same Salaam but can be used in Chinese text SMS as it is a simplified version. To answer it, simply say 回色蘭 (Huiselan, or Veeslan). It is the sound for Wassalam.  Means salam kembali or peace returned to you.

The other one which is a bit longer is 安斯倆目阿來空 (Ansiliamu'alaikong). It is from Assalamu'alaikum in Arabic which means peace be upon everyone. To answer, simply say, 我來苦目阿賽倆目 (Wolaikumussailiamu) or Wa'alaikumussalam.   

So, next time our Muslim Chinese sisters and brothers can use these greetings among each other in text message. I know most of you are having hard time to type because I am also having hard time before and simply typing wrong characters for those greetings. Thanks to friendly brother who lives at level 7th, brother Xian who taught me these and thanks to puan Aliya for raising this in her blog. It is a good sharing. May Allah grants them bountiful of blessings.

I always forgotten about this once I raised it to myself but when I saw this in her blog  I've got back my lost memory and spontaneously typing it here before I forgot it again.  There are lots more on these Islamic terms in Chinese characters and meaning in Chinese. I will update them next time whenever I am free. I hope next time, our Muslim Chinese brothers and sisters could help writing more materials in Chinese for everyone especially in Malaysia : )

Till then, I pray for everyone peace and please pray for my exam this Wednesday. May Allah bless all of our faithful brothers and sisters, ameen.    

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