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Sincerity in Practices

Peace be upon everyone,

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I sat for few moment to listen to the lecture after the Tarawih prayer. I do not usually involve myself in lecture messed up with political speeches. I prefer not to attach myself to any specific religious movement. The lecture is more to spiritual. I regard Islam as my personal spiritual shield. It is not simply a religion "to take pride" with... So, I listened to the teacher.

The lecture discusses about the origin of sincerity. We admit in the midst of the people with our own lips that we sincerely perform our prayers or fasting in the month of Ramadan. How do we know if we are sincere? People in our society today, around the world similarly perform something with the lips service. We perform the act of worship simply because we are following the traditions from the past. We fail to realize the spiritual meanings behind the worship and services. 

Sincerity rises from God-consciousness. This God-consciousness is the one which brought our practices into life. God-consciousness makes of a person, a perfect servant to the God. It is the source of strength. There are questions that we need to ponder and try to get the answer without feeling tired. 

Truth and Righteousness

What is the Truth?

The Truth for us is the Path of the God. We should be following the prescribed manner revealed to us through His words, the Quran. How about if we perform the fast with the intention because of Him? While, in the same time, we utter evil words, dirty speeches, and spewing words damaging to the environment? Is it the Path of the God? The Path of the God is the righteousness. We accept legal matters and reject illegal ones! Most people today do perform the worship but they follow their own paths. The path of their own desires.

Example of our own path is when we celebrate the Eid with excessive entertainment and regarding it as the end of tormenting period. We do not celebrate it with the thanksgiving nor do we have any knowledge on the significance of our worship. So, how are we going to celebrate the Eid with sincerity? Sincerity is filled with thanksgiving. Ramadan or the Great Lenten is a way for us to minister our life to be a servant of the God. To be a perfect servant of the God. In order to be one, we need knowledge. Noble and successful task is always followed by the knowledge. The strength of a society is first build from a family. How do we nurture our family? Is it through the Path of the God or the path of our desires? 

There are four things which we need in order to reach His pleasure.....
  • The highest word testifying that there is only the God, no gods.
  • Sincerity and righteousness.
  • While two of these are the sole rights of the God which are the paradise and liberation from the hell.
We do not simply chant the highest word for the sake of chanting. It must be followed with the consciousness. For that, we need knowledge. We bear witness on the Oneness of the God with confidence
and through the elimination of doubt. It gives rise to the faith. It is the nature of a servant to be subjected to his Creator. From this nature comes repentance. Seeking forgiveness in repentance is rooted from sincerity
and righteousness.


How to achieve God-consciousness?

God-consciousness is achieved through beneficence. Beneficence is the spirit of the faith. The faith is like a body. Beneficence takes the role of the soul for the body. Body without soul and spirit would be rotten and perish. 

Questioning our heart is a must for everyone. We have to get satisfied answers for these. We embrace the world view through the answers. Beneficence is the soul of the faith. We submit ourselves to the peace by accepting Islam. Islam is built with five obligatory subject matters beginning with the the highest word and testimonial of faith in the prophethood of Muhammad s.a.w, performing daily prayers, fasting in the lenten month, giving the tithe to the needy, and performing pilgrimage once in the lifetime to holy Mecca. 

These obligatory practices also characterizing our optional worship which is done in our private. So, it is crucial for us to seek knowledge on our worship as to reach sincerity, righteousness and God-consciousness in our life. I think I should also write in Arabic, by His will.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin.


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