Thursday, 19 December 2013

Rang Lāga

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah


Poem: Navid Wajid Ali Nahasd
Reciters: Sanam Marvi, Bobby, Rehum

It is almost two weeks that I had to gradually cease from stopping by at mosques around my neighborhood because my father is not so well. I miss all the congregation members though I never open up my mouth and just greeting people with two or three words and smile. The new Solar year is about to come and the new Lunar year had come by. I tried to revive my spirit everyday with new resolutions and trying to be optimistic though without any moral support. I had been in this way since I was a young child that made me lost my faith but I returned to Him and giving myself a second chance. By now, I am just learning things as the preparation for the "time", the 'ajal. I always keep the iram (two white clothes) that I put on for my pilgrimage with mother during pilgrimage season of 2005. I wash them when they look dirty. I wanted to put them on if I "see" suitable time come and leave everything behind in the hope to see Him... In previous times, human-being would answer the call of patriarch Abraham and some of them would be buried with the white cloth.

I had seen for myself what is "this life". We do not have to look far to take heed and He reminds us everyday. There is no such thing as worldly life. The Glorious Quran actually reminds us that the Hereafter is eternal. Ignorance of our soul will just darken us and deceive us. He sends us enlightenment but we left it behind for something which is not true : )  

May the God the Highest bless everyone and bestow us with good health and happy life... Āp ko meri khāhish ki khūsh raho... I wish everyone happiness and prosperity.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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