Friday, 13 December 2013

Persian: Durūd

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I have not check my Persian notes for so long. I have piles of school's notebooks out here where I jot down everything in the most unorganized way, lol. Persian is a language which I learn together with Sanskrit-Pali and I sought some of the "out-dated" vocabulary from elders. The grammar is not so much complicated like European languages. I think it is a waste of space by using a lot of sites for only one thing.

Durūd actually means greeting. We also use this word for the salawat for noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w and his family members or his respected companions. I think Eastern Persian spoken by people in the East resembles more to those spoken in Central Asian as compared to the Western branches.

I would make this in a conversation so I could refer it when I wanted to check again about what I had learned from around...


A: Salām! Chetori?
B: Salām! Khūbam. Tu chetor?
A: Man ham khūbam, tashakkur.
B: Khūdā Hāfez.


A: Salām! Hāle shoma chetor ast?
B: Salām! Man khūb astam. Shomā chetor?
A: Man ham khūb astam.
B: Khudā hāfez.


A: Namāzu to! Chūn hai?
B: Namāz! An khūb am. Tū ceh?
A: Khūb ham, āzādīh.
B: Peh drūd.


A: Hi! How are you?
B: Hi! I'm fine. And you?
A: I am also fine.
B: Goodbye.

By the way, we can use Persian to communicate with people from ex-Soviet country such as Tajikistan, Afghanistan or perhaps some people from Pakistan, Georgia or even India. It is not only confined to Iran as a major area of historical Persian empire. There are various Persian dialects as well as Persian languages such as Sistan, Panjsher, Hazara (Mongol), Kabul (Afghan), Badakshan (India-China) and so on. I wanted to learn Persian since long but our elders were Arabs and they said that they do not like young people to speak in other languages since they had learned from the past that younger people's Arabic becoming so bad especially those in the overseas and of mixed parentage speak in rustic Arabic, hahaha. They wanted us to be familiar with Arabic first since it is our ancestral language. Before I could reach Persian levels, some of them already passed away : (

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin! 

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