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Ḥaram... Ḥaram...!

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah


This one also happens in real life. It portrays some angles of Muslim society in our country or maybe elsewhere although in different settings. This movie was played in our television, directed by Erma Fatimah. I am not so much a fan of the actors or actresses in the movie. I simply watch a movie if I think that it is meaningful for me.

I watched this while waiting for my x-ray result at a polyclinic in Kajang for my one week job as a Customer Service Agent in the KL Airport Services Sdn. Bhd around the mid of 2013. I am quite lucky to find this in English so people from other side of the world could at least understand what they say, haha... Some people might look at me like this guy while I also encountered people like this who talk to me like that guy, lol. My third year roommate was also like this before he finds out that I am an orthodox Muslim guy. This movie raised quite a polemic among people... 

First of all I watch this movie with different layers of view while laughing. I am aware that they are all, perceptions!


Rahimi, had just returned from his religious studies. I am not sure where he studied. His attitude in correcting people in which he feels as not in accordance with Islamic jurisprudence without thinking about others' feeling. The people in his neighborhood though are also Muslims feel uneasy. The movie takes place in Ramadan. 

Rahimi's father think that his extreme attitude is quite a headache. His father tried to advise him to lessen his extreme attitude but it ends up that his father is the one being lectured by him. After knowing that his sister, 'Ain is actually an adopted daughter of his parents, he immediately performs the salat al-tawbah (prayer of repentance) because he previously had touched his "adopted" sister while they are not siblings.  

Farhana, who is a neighbor in Rahimi's neighborhood plans to seduce him. It is just to test Rahimi's faith whether he is going to buy it or leaving it. In the beginning, Rahimi resists Farhana but after long being disturbed by Farhana, he suddenly feels some differences in his heart. However, he still maintain the boundaries between him and Farhana.   

'Ain feels uneasy with his "brother" attitude as she thinks that he is a backward and conservative. He prohibits 'Ain from mixing around with her male college friends. Rahimi humiliated her in front of her male classmate while they are doing revision together at her house. He explains that they are going to commit vices and it would later lead them to adultery. 'Ain cannot accept his brother's attitude since her "parents" are also there and they were informed about the presence of her friend.  

One day, Rahimi's mother had asked 'Ain to go for the Bazar Ramadan to buy his father's favorite "Kueh Lopes". 'Ain then asked her brother to send her there because she feels tiresome to walk there. Rahimi agreed but with a condition that 'Ain must not touch him and staying far from him while riding the motorbike. 'Ain irritatingly agreed with his brother's condition. In the middle of the road, they met Farhana who is walking with a man. Rahimi while seeing that had lost his control and they both fell from the motorbike.

'Ain who has respiration disease suddenly being attacked with asthma due to the panic. Since Rahimi could not touch her sister because they are not related by blood. A man offers his help but Rahimi insist that the man should not touch his sister in order to carry her into the car while he also cannot touch her. Farhana who coincidentally is there rushed to see them. She told him to quickly bring his sister to the hospital. Rahimi prayed to the God to forgive him while he has to carry his adopted-sister because it is an emergency.  

While in the hospital, Farhana then asks him why he always avoided from looking at her face or avoiding from greeting her? Rahimi only keep his silence and saying nothing. While 'Ain was discharged from the treatment room, Rahimi immediately take the medicine from the dispensary and bringing 'Ain home. Farhana was left there wondering herself on why Rahimi behaves like that....

On the morning of 'Eid al-Mubarak, Rahimi and his family traditionally asking forgiveness of each other as it is a tradition here. Farhana visiting the family. Rahimi trying to slip away while looking at Farhana and the man whom he saw walking with Farhana at the time he rides the motorbike with his sister. He thought that the man is Farhana's boyfriend. Later, Farhana introduce the man as her younger brother and Rahimi gladly smiles and return to the living room and shaking the hand of Farhana's younger brother. - End...  

Moral of the Movie
  • Nothing wrong in correcting people or reminding them on the right ways but it must be done appropriately and with manner.
  • One should not humiliate others while performing the da'awa especially when it is done in the midst of people.
  • Society is a "complex creature" itself thus a da'ī should know the methods of da'awa to be employed within the society and it has to do with psychology and mentality.
  • The link of mercy is something which should be protected in society and it has to do with the relationship of an individual with the society.
  • A person who delivers the message should bear in his mind that he is not a judge and the same human-being with the listeners while delivering the message (eno du'āt wa lā quḍhāt).
The movie uploaded in the site is for educational purpose without any profit-making meaning. The disclaimer made specially for the uploader: hanin lee. I wish he/she to include the disclaimer at the description site as an additional information. May the God bless him/her and the movie productions for the sharing...

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!


  1. Assalamualaikum..
    nice! saya pernah tengok drama tu..kesimpulan yang baik. :)
    setuju dgn awk,sebagai seorang Da'ie..kena dakwah dengan berhikmah.
    btw,my name Nur Farhana ^^,

    1. Wa'alaikumussalam wa rahmatullah,

      Pleased to know you, sister. God bless.


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