Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Yemenite in the United Kingdom

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Just a simple video about our people in the United Kingdom... My paternal grandfather (a Yemeni-Sindhi) also served a British company as a chief clerk in Kedah state in the British Malaya around 1930s to 1940s... Two of my father's sisters from the same mother passed away like many years ago... My paternal grandmother is a Malay lady and she is the elder sister of my maternal grandmother. My beloved maternal grandmother was the last of four siblings. Their ancestors were summoned by the Sultan of Kedah from the previous Pasai kingdom in today's Indonesia to help in transportation linkage route. Their male family members landed at the Sungai Aceh in Pulau Pinang today before moving northward around 18th century.    


There are those Arabs in Indonesia especially before the Sumpah Pemuda event took place where all of them consider themselves as Indonesians by abandoning their Arab identity (I am not sure whether all of them or almost all of them), particularly in Sumatra and Java while some more were in Indo-Pakistan region as we only recognize India based from the previous Islamic empires there where my father's paternal grandmothers came from. Still, our ethnicity classification is Arab and we are more polite than those in the Middle East, haha.

I know many people would draw racist remarks on Arabs when they see those from the Gulf States today behaving like animals when they are on trip in other countries. We are far from that attitude because many of us Yemenite Arabs were poor people. We have to work very hard and our people were staunch traditional Shafi'ie jurisprudence adherents which emphasizes on manner and precise classification of judgments, haha. Yemen as what has been rumored by some superstitious Yemenite Jewish people was cursed by previous prophet that it will become a poor land. I cannot remember which prophet but I am sure not a major one. And yes... There are Arabic speaking Jewish in Arabian Peninsula since before the era of prophet Muhammad s.a.w until nowadays. Some become Muslims like a Hebrew companion known as Abdullah bin Salam, some still maintaining their religion, Judaism until today. The Hashemite Arabs in Yemen were not Yemenite by origin but they were from Iraq and Holy Mecca itself fleeing Abbasid caliphate persecution. Abbasid caliphate is our cousins' caliphate (We are Hashemites from Ali r.a and Fatima r.a).
Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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