Friday, 22 November 2013


Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Now I know why I cannot mingle with little kids no more. Because I am an older guy, haha. I discussed things with my colleague, Amir (22 Nov 2013;16:06). The only survival colleague in my contact list. I somehow agree with what he says, haha...
Tak susah nak cari kawan pun. Aku suka kawan dengan orang tua-tua yang humble. Tak macam budak-budak muda baru nak naik ini. Berlagak saja kerja depa. Kat office aku duk baik dengan seorang ini. Dia cuma seorang pembantu am sahaja. Dia tumpang kereta aku pi mari. Best juga. Jenis happy go lucky, sempoi. Macam mana aku duk merungut stress pun dia sama pandangan dengan aku. Jadi, aku tak lah rasa alone in hell sebab dia pun share benda yang sama dengan aku.
Last time, I also had this experience with this young little guy known as Nasrol from Ipoh, Perak. I guess he was born in 1990 which makes him at the level of my younger sister. What I could see from this guy is that he is friendly and he could mingle with others in term of conversation but he is also a "poyo" guy. He only gets an interview letter where he applied for police constable position but he talked as if he had got the job, lol. I do not feel like it is something which is bad or good. But it is normal for little guys who are about to embark this journey of life, haha.

I am not sure when does this word "poyo" come into existence but I guess it was already in usage while I was schooled in Selangor state around 2000. It is an adjective in Southern Malay slang which refers to a person who is not original, a little annoying or silly. Or referring to someone who behaves a little bit out of the norm, who thinks that he is cool and talking out of the fact of life. I guess it is close to "lame-ass" in American English, lol...

While I was in the varsity, there were many of these "lame-asses" talking about things related to their future-plan such as setting up business particularly cyber cafes, food and beverages, and stuffs. The same thing also happened when I was in self-introduction session with brother Muhammad Firdaus during the early phase of my postgraduate time. Suddenly, a guy who was a companion of Muhammad Firdaus interrupted from no where and talking about their future plan after their graduation. I just said my goodbye when I listen to that kind of thing because I had gone through that situation before. I had been in the university as an undergraduate 3 years earlier than them, lol.. And I am going through the same situation in which we call it in technical term as sasara for whatever that happens in the cycle.

I mean future plan is good but if you talk about that almost everywhere, then people would be annoyed with it especially we do not know the way people think. Human have different kind of thoughts and inclinations. There are also many types of "poyos" or "lame-asses". Sometimes, you could also be an artist or a popular figure because of your "poyoness". It does not have to be all the time but maybe sometimes, lol. Politicians could also be "poyos", haha. Preachers whether they are Muslims or Christians the same could also be "poyos", bitches and bastards. Atheists, Liberalists, Realists and others too. No one is spared from that at certain time.   

I maybe should be a psychologists but I did not do the course in higher educational institution which would lead me to a career but rather learning from life. Life is a university itself, haha...

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!  

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