Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Muharram Job Interviews

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Today 23 Muharram 1345 H I just received two calls from different hotels in our area. I tried to apply for a job this morning and I have got a call for a front office job just after an hour I perform the Ḍhuha optional service, haha. I did not recite any specific prayer wishing for any job but I just ask Him to help me leading my life and help me with my mission for Him.

I sent an email to the Pullman Hotel for a front office position this morning. And the Human Resource called me and giving me an email about detail which I should fill in the four pages form. Also a copy of identity card and I have an interview at 15:00 on this Friday. I have to be there 10-15 minutes before the interview.

Then, few hours later. I received another call from Shangrila Hotel. I thought that they already had forgotten my application for steward job. The lady who called me asked whether I am familiar or whether I understand the job specification? I just explained to her that I have no experience with the job but I know that it is a job in the kitchen. My acquaintance, Mr. Azrul already had told me about the job while he is also a graduate cleaner in a hotel in Damansara. The lady then offered me a job as a receptionist and arranging an interview for me tomorrow Thursday at 15:00!!

I just planned to leave the house and buying a ticket for Kangar and later jumping to Langkawi for hotel jobs because I thought that I would have to migrate if I cannot flourish in our neighborhood here, haha. But suddenly the calls hitting my phone. My mother was actually afraid that I would leave her alone because I suddenly cleaned my room and folding all stuffs in this little room. But that is not my real intention to leave her alone. I just wanted to establish myself before I could "save" the others namely my parents. I always think about them and I love them. I do not want them to be neglected in the future especially girls at our house are not as typical as people might think. They are modern women who devote themselves for career and also their husbands' family. My parents are fortunate as compared to those who have no son at all. Imam Ja'afar al-Sadiq r.a mentioned that, "Daughters are mercy compassionate of the parents and when they are well-educated by parents thus parents will be rewarded with meritorious deeds. Sons are grace of the God the Highest. They will help the parents when they are well-educated (with religious teachings)".

I checked the range of salary for entry level for those two positions: front office assistant and receptionist. The range is from RM 1500-1650. So funny that I always have to begin from zero when I leave my previous position after I worked so hard. Last time, my salary was RM2100. But I can do nothing because I am entering another boundary which is different from the other. Well, just take the challenge and off we go followed with tawakkal (dependency only) to Him.

This is a bit on our struggle to find job and establishing ourselves dear brothers and sisters out there. I have no time to blame anyone on my misfortune. But I have to work very hard. I tell you something that we cannot think like our countries are new countries like Timor Leste anymore. Perhaps Timor Leste would also experience what we are currently experiencing when their country reaching a certain stage of development. There would be many universities and colleges and people are racing among each other to be labor or slaves to capitalists (slaves of the world).

I will share with everyone the outcome if I am free for that, inshā Allah. I have to do some researches for those sudden interviews. This is actually for those who are still looking at which direction to go with their life. I am sharing this specially with you : ) Wish I could get any one of those jobs and be strong in the future. Praise Him in all circumstances never forget Him who controls everything in the universe...

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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