Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Khawater el-Shab: Japan

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

This is among my favorite television programs. I was just laughing to myself watching the episode and I think the host, Ahmed el-Shugairy is quite hilarious, lol. Ahmad el-Shugairy was in Japan and he compares the kawkab el-Yaban (Japanese Planet) with kawkab el-Akhar (other planets). I am particularly interested at what he mentions about the job than other particulars... hehe... Will continue later... I need to perform the ghusl ritual for prayer service...


I am sure everyone who went to Japan perhaps would be astonished with their politeness, perfect customer services and how they live their life especially I had been there once too. Their term of politeness and treatment is even different from those of Chinese descent in our country. However, the people there are lack of expression and maybe they are not so much emotional like people in the Western part of the world.

I mean maybe we cannot compare so much about the Eastern world and the Western world. Western for people here refers to anything from the West which also includes Middle East. For example in term of technology and modernization perhaps we cannot compare Japan with countries in the Middle East. Especially most countries in the Middle East like in Syria, Iraq, Egypt and so on are always in conflict. I do not know why and I think that they are wasting their life for nothing in conflicts. That was quite funny when he asked the cab driver in Saudi about automatic door at the car and the white cloth at the back seat.

I mean yea it is interesting but mentality change is not easy. Especially people are still bounded to their backward norms. I guess I learned about theories related to mentality in a lecture during our discourse with Yokohama National University (YNU) in 29-30th September 2010: Sustainability Education Workshop. Thanks to Dr. Zainalabidin Sanusi who was my ex-lecturer in Global Political Economy and European Union External Policies (Economy). He encouraged us to participate and I did not use the notes for my examination but it is for da'awa purposes. I love all of his classes and frankly speaking they are interesting. Dr. Zainal is now in Putrajaya being a trainer for government staffs and ironically I also live here but never once see him anywhere, haha. I had lost the notes and trying to retrieve them again but too bad I had sold most of the notes to recycle center too.

El-Shugairy also talked about those "low-class" jobs such as cab driver is not deemed as low by the Japanese in a modern and developed country. But in his country, people looked down on the profession and those who work in the operational and services field have no chance to get benefits such as life insurance, public holidays, weekend rest, or any other benefits. They have to work like everyday non-stop. In our country, the same thing happens. People who worked in customer services and lower operational areas are not well-respected. They have no rest days, working in shift hours or sometimes up to 18 hours a day. Sometimes with low pay but they still have to work to survive. It is not only migrant workers who experienced this. We as the citizen of the country also experience the same thing in the midst of many people in our country are educated in the tertiary educational institutions but trapped in the situation where they are held jobless and not moving in the right track of life. Then, people will blame them for their wrong choice of life or giving some absurd advice without checking on people's living condition.

Respect to Labors

Here, I am telling everyone the same thing too. I have experienced all of these and I worked myself as waiter in a restaurant. My father had also experienced working in construction sites as a labor during Ramadhan in 1990 because he was writing an article about labor job in a Malay language newspaper as he was a reporter and a journalist. We do not simply talk but we also experienced that here. I am still waiting for the calling to be a permanent steward (dish washer) in the hotel too. I do not even care if I have to be a cleaner! But all I care is that people have no respect to the professions.

Anyhow, I am not interested in anything no more. Not even Japan, haha... I am only interested in the God the Highest and I wanted to see Him in the hereafter without having anything to obstruct my view. I have to survive since He is not yet calling me to return to His mercy. I am just using whatever that I have to explain about the teachings of prophet Muhammad s.a.w and he is just a mercy to the universe. I am here in the Earth as a pilgrim and I am studying the manasik of the pilgrimage following the foot steps of noble prophet Abraham a.s and noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w. That's all : )

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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