Sunday, 25 August 2013

Careless Morning

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I lost my phone last Friday (23 August 2013). I took the bus in the morning to go for my office and the phone slipped out without I even notice it. I just realize that I lost the phone after I reached my station (desk) in the office.

Well, it is not an expensive phone anyway. I bought the phone like five years ago and it was RM90 at that time. The model is Nokia 1230. It has features such as alarm clock, calculator, flashlight, date, time, text message and I could receive and make calls with it. Pretty convenient for a gadget-blind guy like me, haha. I am more concerned about the contacts that I have in there. I have lost brother Idris Xian and brother Yunus Kai Huang contacts which makes me so sad because I wanted to go for a visit in China someday. I am trying to save some money so I could pay a visit to our lineage centers (mosques) in North-West and Central of China.  

I thought of buying a new cellphone but I think that I could not find the old model nowhere here. Fortunately my eldest sister offered me her E71 Nokia to me since she has a new ipad. It is more than enough for me and I am learning how to use that phone. Although the keypad is quite tiny but it is better than the touch screen phone since I could be more clumsy at it. She gave me the phone two hours ago. I could save the money for more important things and thank You... Sigh fyuhhhh ~

I did nothing when I lost the phone though I was so sad. I just managed my breath and saying the litanies as much as I can so I could be more relaxed. I received emails from my friends complaining that somebody used my phone and sent them ridiculous messages. I simply told them that the number is not mine now. The phone was slipped in a bus that I took and maybe someone had found the phone. And he was happy to know that the phone is working with some credits left. So, he just luxuriously using it without considering to send it to the driver or those who could be reached by the phone owner when he tried to trace it.

Just after the time out, I took the bus and went right away to the shopping complex at the maxis center to close the SIM card account. Then I just had to register it again with the same number. They said that the old SIM card would be ineffective and that is a relieve for me. The charge was RM10. I performed the 'Asr prayer service and saying thanks for all the deals working on smoothly and since I could not find anyone to treat so I treat myself with Thai Green Curry rice at the San Francisco Coffee. I did not know that I could make a request for a vegetarian curry. I thought that it is simply a menu served just like that. The Nepali waiter told me that they could change it for me if I do not like the chicken but I think that it is impolite so I just ate whatever that I could take. I noticed that they keep staring at me and smiling among themselves. Then, I remembered that I had forgotten to take off my prayer beads from my neck and I know I look like a Central Asian which is also a feature of Nepalis and Western Chinese, LOL. It was so embarrasing... hahaha....

I have a test to join the Translation Institute in Wangsa Maju and I could only reach the interview if I pass the test. I do not know whether I should feel worried about it but I feel nothing, haha. Maybe I had gone through bitter experiences being jobless for a long gap of time. Feeling down and hapless. It was like, quoting my colleague's word of wisdom... Marry the shit and feels like crying no more. I read about a Chinese man of Central China living isolated in a cave. Perhaps I would be like him if I have nothing to tie me around here. I do not like to be around people and I feel uncomfortable. The authorities there diagnosed him with intermittent psychosis because he is naked and leaving behind everything for a primitive life 50 m above the ground. I do not know whether this is normal or abnormal but there are Naga Sadhus of India who are naked and living isolated in thick forest. They only show themselves during the Magara Sankranti festival and baptizing themselves in the Ganges river. There were also Jain monks who are known as Digambara of Southern India and they wear nothing.

Ow, yeah... How could I forget this. I would be graduated from my graduate studies in the 20th of September 2013. However, I still have to correct the grammar of my thesis, facts, and few other important elements. The coordinator told me that I should be able to send it by 6 September 2013. By 9 September 2013 I should have my thesis printed and doing the binding before dumping it in the school's thesis shelves.... 

And that is one careless morning.... : ) 

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!           


  1. congrats for the studies!

    for the job (good luck. may it be successful if it is good for u).

    as for the phone... things happens. shouldn't keep phones in pants anyways.

    1. Thank you brother... I would have to be extra careful in the future by keeping all the numbers and contacts' detail in a notebook instead of keeping them in a phone, haha.


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