Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Live Forever with the Scripture

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Whoa, I haven't update anything for my record here, haha. I had lost those piles of notes again and I regret it so much cause I have no time to put them in here as a mean to save them. At least, somebody or other could read them and practice them even if I reach the other realm before them. I am just sharing this from Mr. Suhaib Webb but I had checked first whatever he wrote as I hate spreading anything without checking the contents. We are responsible for our own acts.....

In chapter 35:32, the God the Highest says, the Quran was "inherited" to his servants. Inheritance is usually distributed after a person's death. The idea" "A heart kept away from Him is dead. So grab the book and live again!" He says, "A reminder to those alive (in their hearts)". 

For that reason, 35:35 starts with, "Those who wronged themselves". To give them hope in a new life if they return to Him! Ponder! Instead of clipping the sinners hopes, the Quran gives them flight. May He forgive us in these days and grant us the strength to fly!

"The God began with them because they are farthest from hope; then those between sin and good because they are between fear and hope; then those who are foremost because of their confidence in the God guiding them". Imam Ja'afar al-Sadiq related by al-Qurtubi's exegesis.

I have to do some media control with other staffs in the IOI tomorrow. These whole Ramadan is not so much packed for me because the environment is quite pleasant for everyone. I just tried to key-in the data for our media project as quick as I can so I could help other staffs with their chores if I am free. I am glad that those in the musalla never neglect the prayer times especially those in day time and they have an hour lectures too. I joined them although my department do not put any constraint for us to be there like other departments. 

I just do not feel happy especially now there are many issues dividing Muslims and the slender is spreading all the way round. There are trendy assholes even in religious matters. We have to avoid arguing with them especially imam Ahmad also put forth his advice to leave arguments even if we are right. Let them pull their chest and we just stay calm without any emotion. I had trained myself for this since long while being viewed as a "weirdo" and I just need to practice it when I am facing the situations. That is a meditation method while we are walking, sitting and sleeping, hehehe... Thank you viewing, may He bless everyone and may He helps us to put down the slander around.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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