Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Daily Salat Times

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Basically, we pray five times daily prayer services. Whether in congregation which could be conducted in a mosque, a small mosque known as musalla or prayer rooms, or just anywhere as long as we do not disturb non-Muslims. One can also perform them alone if there are no Muslim community around or while working with non-Muslim majority. Just explain to them if they do not understand and if they do not want to listen or still do not understand. Just let them be. We can always perform the qadha' salat or substitution for the services that we were not able to perform due to certain restrictions. The Divine Path is very easy very flexible never make it a fuss... Most of non-Muslims that I found are actually tolerant to me because I am tolerable to them. 

Subh Prayer Service

We begin our day with the Fajr or Subh prayer service. It means morning prayer service. It occurs when the sun light could be seen from the East and we call that as Fajar Saadig. Some people might wake up earlier than that maybe around two hours or one and half hour before the morning time because they are going to perform fast for certain desires for e.g for the sake of memorizing the Quran, musing one self, getting strength to face the heavy day time or studying sciences, vanquishing evil selfishness, performing optional services and sacrifices which involves some rituals where only the God knows because that is the time they communicate with the God in private. Nowadays, we have calender which also indicate the prayer time so we could get ready as early as we can in this busy modern world. The reason why we look at the sun is not that because it is a powerful nature force or some kind of god or deity. But it is because we are determining the time as we live in the realm of time and space.

The prayer service for this time consists of two units of prayer or twice bows and twice prostrations. We begin the prayer service with intention as based from the sacred hadith which says that every deeds and acts we commit are based on our intentions. So, we say our intention for the prayer service whether mentally or maybe a little bit aloud as most of people in my country use to do as they are non-Arabic speakers. The intention means I perform the salat service in the morning two units as a sacrifice to be closer to the God. We recite the al-Fatiha recitation strictly in Classical Arabic based on the written scripture as it was orally revealed but those who are just learning to recite it may use their mother tongue. However, as long as they master the surat, it is an obligation for them to recite it in Arabic and to understand it in their mother tongue by mental. It is recited in every unit of prayer and is obligatory. We are advised to sleep early at night as to perform this prayer is obligatory. It has to do with self-discipline too.

Dzuhr Prayer Service

This occurs when the sun is a bit inclined to the west. It is few minutes after the mid day or afternoon. We check it with our shadow if we are in a huge open place.  It consists of four units with two tashahuds.

Usually this time is the break time in government offices in my country. I could see some people actually do not perform the salat service although they are Muslim and are given the chance and opportunity. Now, we are in peace. What happens if we are in war like in Palestine or in Syria and everywhere? Perhaps we would bring all sort of "religious notions" just to gain sympathy. This kind of attitude is actually the attitude of all of human-being and it lies in our selfish self no matter if we are Palestinian, Israeli, Syrian, Arabs, Pakistani, Sunnah Muslim, Shi'a Muslim or whatever we are. 

I always feel disgusting watching at over emphasizing in the TV or anywhere about Palestine or whatever it is. It is not that I am inhumane, supporting Israel government deeds or selfish but I view those who always talk about the issue like some kind of trend as selfish and inhumane. We never emphasize on simple basic matters like salat services, fasting, morality or adaab and other important things but emphasizing on petty matters; later we take advantage from that campaign or this campaign to promote business and trade with the portrayal of blood bath.

'Asr Prayer Service

The time is when we see the shadow of an object expands a little bigger than its normal size. This happens daily after few hours of Dzuhr prayer service. This prayer service contains of four units with two tashahuds. After this prayer, ones may perhaps go for exercises, relaxing or having some stroll or perhaps having some tea with friends, family or alone just to relax if one is free from any work or returning from the office.

Maghrib Prayer Service

We know that it is Maghrib when the round shape of sun sunken down into the sea or the earth or when the red cloud could be seen at the western sky or we call it as megha as in Sanskrit. The sun actually is appearing the west and that is why we call this time as Maghrib

This prayer service consists of three units with two tashahuds but only three times of bows and prostrations.  The time is very short so we always have to be careful with this prayer service time. Well, when talking about the sun sunken down into the Earth. I know some people might question that we believed that the Earth was flat. It is not likely so. We know the Earth is round but it is the way we see around us that makes it looks like flat. 

'Isha' Prayer Service

'Isha' occurs when the red clouds completely disappear from the western sky. It consists of four units, just like the Dzuhr and 'Asr prayer services.


The time for the specific prayer services to end is about two or three minutes before the latter prayer service time. So, always be mindful and careful. After the prayer services, we have litanies from the simplest ones to the complicated ones depending on where we are or how busy we are. Some people are quite free or untied to busy jobs so they have more times to sit nicely and chanting litanies or even reciting the Quran. Some are not... So, maybe I would include them in Arabic script. I am afraid of tainting them when someone copied them and printing them down. There are several precaution acts that I have to take...Try to get the help of closest local Islamic center for the prayer service time, maybe they could help providing calender with prayer time or check them in the net as the time varies as according to geographical region. The Earth is round and it whirling in circles around the eye of the day.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin! 

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