Sunday, 27 January 2013

Opinion on Fractions

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

As what has been mentioned in the hadith that there would be 73 fractions in Muslim nations, the exegesis writer such as Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah stated that there would be many disagreements in term of opinions and thought. He mentioned that the number seven or seventy in Arabic could also refer to many or countless. It does not exactly referring to seventy as per the number. Because these are not clusters but simply the classification of thought. And mazy thoughts would lead to deviation unless if we are holding firm to what has been held by prophet Muhammad s.a.w and his companions. 

As to avoid our mind from mazy thoughts and to avoid deviation, we should try to approach which one that suits the teachings of prophet Muhammad s.a.w. We could exercise our reasoning, decision-making, law-making based on the interest of society, analogical reasoning to apply known injunction for new circumstances or juristic preference. Check them withing our school of jurisprudence on which one is suitable and appropriate as we are hoping for the result to be pleasant in the sight of the God the Highest and in accordance with the teachings of prophet Muhammad s.a.w. 

Sometimes, the research were not reaching to what we had studied and if someone came by with new opinion; We should not quickly triggered with our anger. Frequently that the obstacles which blocking us from accepting the newly coming "truth" is not because the truth of our belief, but because man-kind psychologically finds that it is difficult to leave something which is habitual for them.

And each one of us should try to strengthen our faith and enhance our virtues. And each of us should not feel the sense of belonging to a particular group. Everyone should realize that prophet Muhammad s.a.w still mentioned that all the 73 fractions are his nations. As what the God says as recorded in the glorious Quran which means: "Indeed those who divides their "divine law" and makes them turning into groups; you are not with them in anything! Their affair is only left to the God! Then He will herald them on what they used to do" - Surat Al-An'am 6:159

When reading this verse, we should realize ourselves that each one of us is a Muslim! We are the nations whom prophet Muhammad s.a.w refers in the hadith reported by Muawiyya r.a 'Amr bin al-'As. Try to perform charity as much as we can, striving hard in worship and deep in devotion to Him. Not to be a bunch of fanatics or transferring the faults on others besides boasting around demanding everyone to bow to us since we are the righteous ones. Never make the opposition more complicated nor dividing ourselves more! May we receive good reckonings before Him and not being the nations who receive evil deeds due to fractions that we had caused....

Let us respect the freedom of opinions and schools though it would be more than 73 fractions or off-shoots. As long as nobody claim that they are the most righteous, but trying to find on which one is closer to the early practices. Be in unity, respecting each other and rejecting any external opportunists who would be the result of our errors. I also wish that everyone could check on the Amman Declaration and helping us to spread it all over the Muslim world as I found that this problem is so serious! At least, we could avoid from any sectarian quarrels by spreading the knowledge about the Message or avoid from killing each other for something stupid like what happened in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and other region! 


Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin! 

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