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General Signs of Doomsday

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I have been reading and listening about these signs in parts of eschatology speeches by various scholars, kitabs of different sects such as Sunna and Shi'a Islam, and also of different philosophical religions such as of Hindu-Buddhism where I also listened to both Hindu and Buddhist acharyas speeches. We actually could see these signs happening since long in which, it actually happens gradually. If we notice these earlier then it would be fortunate. If not, then we would be among the losers. If I talked about these matters without mentioning the sources, many of my Muslim friends and relatives said that I am losing my mind. I am talking with basis and I am not a reader of conspiracy sites. I also mentioned these to non-Muslim friends such as of Buddhism traditions and some of them also thought that I am a lunatic, lol.

What I could comment about these signs... We could not avoid these. It would certainly happen because the doomsday is the fact of the universe. It is the promise of the Lord and part of our pillars of faith which mentions the faith that hereafter is a fact. If brothers and sisters are living in Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia, try to find this classical book written by Nuruddin al-Raniri known as Negeri Akhirat. It means the Land of Hereafter. I just talked about this figure in the gap of few posts and it is just for brothers and sisters information. Not only because he is from the mission circle I am particularly affiliated, hehe. In our Shi'a brothers' sources based from al-Irshad, they recorded the speeches of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir r.a saying that the world would be destroyed by two kind of deaths. The first one is the white death. While the second one is the red death. White death means the death due to diseases and plagues. The red death refers to bloodbath war. 

Major Events

Back to Negeri Akhirat, Nuruddin al-Raniri talks about the Signs of Doomsday in a special chapter. In His research, he basically making a research about seven major events before the Doomsday. Basically I don't like to talk about these. Because some people would mention about the Glory of Islam as a "World" dominion. For us who engaged ourselves within the tasawwuf science. Worldly concerns is not of our aim and must be avoided in our speeches. We are aiming for the glorious appearance of the Holy Lord and not the "fake" dominion of the temporary Earth. If people asking me out here about tasawwuf sciences, I would just shut my mouth especially if I could sense it has something to do with "worldly" matters. I personally do not like to exaggerate on "petty" matters but one must strive hard to fulfill the aim of life which is to return to Him. Those seven major events are:

1. Sun rises in the West where the circulation of the Earth is reversing to the other side.
2. The Gog and Magog.
3. The Ethiopian armies who would demolish the cubicle in our holy shrine in Mecca.
4. The Guided Imam or the al-Mahdi.
5. The False Messiah or the Dajjal.
6. Jesus a.s descension.
7. The underworld creature.

Regions being Hit with Disaster

Nuruddin mentioned that the Doomsday would be initialized by a catastrophic disaster. Few regions would be destroyed and vanquished before the Resurrection event. Those regions are:

1. Mecca would be destroyed through the hands of people from Ethiopia. 
2. Medina would be destroyed through the hands of the disbelievers.
3. Basra in Iraq would be flooded and sunken.
4. Kufah in Iraq would be invaded by the Turks.
5. Armenia would experience thunder and lighting storm.
6. Balkh in Central Asia would experience greater earthquake. 
7. People in Khorasan and Isfahan in Persian speaking land would be killing among themselves.
8. Yemen would be attacked by locusts.
9. Indian sub-continent would be flooded.
10. Egyptian land would be drained where water of its rivers would be dried out.

These narrations compiled by al-Raniri signifies that regions in Central Asia, Northern Africa, Indian sub-continent and Middle East would experience war or experiencing natural disasters and diseases. According to him, the demolition of these cities and region would be initialized with pain and torments.  He supports this narrations with a verse from Surat al-Israa' 17:58. Allah says: "And indeed among countries except that We destroy them before the day of Resurrection or we cast torments upon them as it is written in the Book (Guarded Tablet)".  

There are two kinds of Doomsday of the Earth. One is the outer Doomsday while the other is the inner Doomsday. 

Outer Doomsday

1. Smoke covering the skies. 
2. Three region with the hills flying all over in the East, the West and in the Arabian Peninsula.
3. Fire flaming from the wells in Aden and in other narrations it is in Arabian region.
4. Human-being and creatures would be chased to the assembly field.

The smoke according to some researchers signifies pollution in large scale as industries become uncontrollable. The hills flying in regions signifies earthquakes and landslides all over the three regions. Fire flaming signifies the oils exploitation in the Middle East.    

Inner Doomsday

These visible events would be signified with the emergence of seven major signs mentioned. In the period of Doomsday events. There are also inner Doomsday signs which actually happens spiritually. We can see it now without having to deal with "theories" which look like academically structured or just random brawling theories. Whatever people say or deny about these, it is still happening

1. Beautiful and great mosques are constructed but not so many people joining congregational prayer services.
2. Sky scratching towers and buildings constructed with all sorts of architecture. Some people are doing this in the name of nation and religious glory but the real meaning is for the worldly fame and for business.
3. People are backbiting among each other. I could see this too, from politicians down to civilians and public.
4. People are leaving behind the command of charity and chastity or prohibiting vices and evil.
5. Women resembling men and men resembling women. 
6. Men having lust on men and women having lust on women. 
7. Many women are riding on the horse (driving vehicle).
8. People who tyrannize others but his carcass is still receiving a shroud and sent to the graveyard by many people.
9. Wicked becoming more wicked while the believers is returning to virtuous deeds. 
10. Many hypocrites in religious deeds but they are also those who disrespect the jurists, insulting the religion and killing human without any "justified" reasons.
11. Teaching of scriptures becoming the source of living. I could see many advertisements around such as "Teaching Quran" please call this number. And this is viewed as common by people. When people teaching the scripture, they should not demand for money and not even think about it. But it is different now. 
12. And a son is making his father as an infidel, while a father is making his son as an infidel.
13. There is no love and mercy among family members. I could also see this around me. I don't have to look far.

Although many mosques could be seen around but rarely people feel the spirit to perform prayer services in congregations. The calling toward charity and chastity and prohibiting vices and evil is left behind. Men wearing and behaving like women and otherwise. Tyranny and human life is seen as nothing. Jurists are insulted and disrespected. Who are these jurists? They are those who study the scripture knowledge and specializing in divine law. There are also hypocrites amongst religious people. They use the religion as a source for a living and for worldly fame. These are also known as the fitna or the tests of the Lord of the universe. It is not really easy to escape from these. Even I am also having doubts on my self.       

There are also various sources for these signs in Islamic scholars compilation and narrations whether they are of Sunna or Shi'a lineages. There are also mentions about these events in Hindu gospels and Buddhist basket of metaphysical affairs where I have got them from my discourses with few devout Buddhist friends from Thailand. Regarding the Imam Mahdi, it is a subject of polemics. Nuruddin and some scholars especially the Twelver Shi'a Muslim brothers hold that this imam exist but there are also scholars who reject the existence of this imam. Nuruddin believes has this root from the emergence of communities of slander. As for me, whether this imam is in existence or not is not really a matter to worry about. We need to worry about the signs following the events of Resurrection more than this matter. Insha Allah if we have time, we may discuss about this topic further.   

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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