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Credential for "Jurists"

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Recently, one of my older friend had talked with me about some "debates" related to the Shi'a Muslims and he said some of those people he encountered had labelled the Shi'a Muslims as infidels. I am a Hanbali student myself in which it is is extremely strict and it leaves no room for ijtihad. That is why it is not suitable for all people. But I never see anyone who profess Muhammad s.a.w as the seal of prophethood as infidel or disbelievers and prefer not to say anything before I check their faith and creed from their side and comparing to our side. Basically I am also reading Islamic journals be they from Muslim or non-Muslim writers from medieval to contemporary era. I keep the reference books of Shi'a Muslims as well.

He said that just because he tries to stop them from such an act he was also labelled as a "Shi'a". Again I am stating my disappointment about Muslim nations. This is our quality and we look down upon Shari'a studies. But yet we still have the gut to take the position of authority in labeling people and issuing rulings. We had forgotten that we are in the position of muqallidun and not even in the position of the 'ulamas. Our knowledge about terms is ambiguous. That is what I could comment after listening to the brother. I just advised him to leave those people behind and never interfere. They will know what is the consequence of "evil tongue" when Allah reveals His veils.

Basically what am I going to do here is just to share what we had to study as Shari'a students whether in state's monitored Islamic schools in our country or those managed under twin institutions with the al-Azhar in Egypt. I am not sure whether it is still the same with the last 10 years'. These is how the da'awa cadres that everybody see in masjids around being trained in our parallel system and people do not understand it so it is left without being explained. In my school at that time, we were mixed with secular academic students which actually did not pose any advantages for us but only for them. Basically we would study for about six years and for me I had stopped at the fourth year. 

I am checking my kitabs again to see how silly I was for listening to people around and for letting them to decide my future and not Allah. If beloved Tabligh karkuns from other streams stopping by and would like to know why I didn't really mix up nor associate myself with any group or Islamic movement whether those of Middle East such as the Wahhabi, those of Salafi such as Ikhwan al-Muslim or those of Tabligh movements. These are subjects that humble Abdullah who listened to sermons in these churches and those temples in Penang, Perlis, Kedah and Kuala Lumpur studied and studying. These are what "we" as the da'awa cadres studied and have to study while being laughed and looked down by mainstream politicians, teachers and students in other "classes" because we will be tukang kukur nyior or coconut graters, hehe:

Religious Year I'dadi Level

First Year (Form 1: 13 Years Old)

Quranic Memorization Juzu': 1st - 10th
Islamic Studies: Quran and Matan Tajweed (Scripture and Basic of Philology), Matan Taweheed (Basic Monotheism), Matan Fiqh (Basic Jurisprudence basically according to Shafi'ie school), Safinat al-Najat (the Sail of Success), Matan Nahwu al-Ajurumiyya wa al-Saraf (Basic Arabic Grammar and Lexicography), Manzoumat al-'Aqidat al-'Awami (System of Public Creed), Seerah (Biographies), Matan Tafseer (Basic Quranic Exegesis), Matan Hadith (Basic Hadiths), Mutala'a wa al-Nasus (References and the Evidences).
Academic: Malay (National Language), English (International Language), Islamic Education, Living Skill, Communicative Arabic, Maths, Basic Geography, History and Science.  

Second Year (Form 2: 14 Years Old)

Quranic Memorization Juzu': 10th - 20th
Islamic Studies: Syarh al-Quran wa Tajweed (Explanation of Scripture and Philology), Tuhfat al-Atfal (Gift for Children), Syarh Tawheed (Monotheism explanation), Syarh Arkaan al-Imaan li-Ummat al-Islam min Manzoumat al-'Aqidat al-'Awami (Explanation of the Pillars of Faith for Muslim Nations from the System of Public Creed), Syarh al-Fiqh (Explanation of Jurisprudence), Nayl al-Raja' bi al-Syarhi Safinat al-Najah, Syarh Nahwu, Tuhfat al-Taaniyat Fi Syarh Matan al-Ajurumiyya (Second Gift in Explanation of Ajrumiyya Arabic Grammar), Matan Hadith, Al-Arba'ieen al-Nawawi (Forty Hadith of Nawawi Compilation)
Academic: Malay, English, Communicative Arabic, World Geography, History, Maths and Science.

Third Year (Form 3: 15 Years Old)

Quranic Memorization Juzu': 20th-30th
Islamic Studies:Hadith Explanations, Forty Nawawi Hadiths, Basic Saraf of the Structure, Exegesis Dur al-Mansun, Sciences of Quran known as Zubdat al-Itqaan, Sciences of Hadith known as Baiquniyya System.  
Academic: Malay, English, Communicative Arabic, World Geography, European and World History, Maths and Science.

By the third year, we actually should finish up with Quranic memorization but the state religious school that I was  registered had neglected students who were incapable in academic studies. I was not good in modern mathematics but what I can tell brothers and sisters from what I had been told. Ancient philosophers are also not good in Mathematics such as Aristotle or Plato but their philosophy had been formulated as maths formula by others. Other than that, did our prophet Muhammad s.a.w learned or taught trigonometry, algebra and etc when he spread the Revelation to nations? I think it is enough to know how to do additional, subtraction, multiplication and etc or to generally count, hehe. I think that I was supposed to be advised by our elders rather than my father because he was not good in persuading a rebellious little boy when he sent me to Perlis to study in the al-'Alawiya. I would say that their system was among the nicest ones. Perhaps I could properly exercise my responsibility if I just stay patiently there but thankful to Allah I do not forget everything. Just need to refresh my memory. 

Religious Year of Tanawi Levels

First Year (Form 4: 16 Years Old)

Islamic Studies: Explanation of Arabic Lexicography, Basic of Sentence Structure, Explanation of Quranic Sciences: Zubdat al-Itqaan, Explanation of Hadith Sciences: Baiquniyyat System (Revision), Jurisprudence, Anwaar Massalik Shaar, 'Omdat al-Saalik: Dur al-Mansun and Riyaadh al-Saalihin.
Academic: Malay, English, Communicative Arabic, History, Quran and Sunnah, Shari'a, Tasawwur Islamiyya (Islamic Worldview), Maths and Science.

Second Year (Form 5: 17 Years Old)

Islamic Studies: Dur al-Mansun, Riyadh al-Saalihin, Tibyan fi Hamlaat al-Quran (Testimonial), Manhaj al-Latif fi Mustalaah al-Hadith (Testimonial), Moqaddima al-Jazariyya, and Mukhtasar Ibn Abi Jamrah
Academic: Malay, English, Communicative Arabic, History, Quran and Sunnah, Shari'a, Tasawwur Islamiyya (Islamic Worldview), Maths and Science.

Third Year (Form 6: 18 Years) 

Islamic Studies: Mafahim Yajib an Tusaahih, the Ahkaam verses and the Ahkam hadiths
Academic: Malay, English, Higher Classical Arabic, History, Quran and Sunnah, Shari'a, Tasawwur Islamiyya (Islamic Worldview).


I had dropped everything at the first year of Tanawi level around 2002 beside losing my "religion" by seriously practicing other faith that I had learned while I was wandering out of my loathe to society around. Some people who don't know about my life perhaps saying out things because they are full with perceptions. They judge everything based on their perception and not from their life experience including the process of learning to issue the rulings according to Quranic and Sunnah basis. I am telling readers. If people blame me or other guy who became like me turning away from our religious studies, then people are actually blaming their selves. They are not respecting us who were down-graded by their great politician and leader. They should also question their very own faith rather than busy looking around to find faults and forget to contemplate their selves. When we ask them, what is your qualification to issue "rulings and judgement" or issuing fatawa? Where did you get it? Is it yours? They just flee away and keep repeating their "rulings and judgement" without fear to the consequence that is waiting them. Why there is no "fear"? They should ask back their "heart" on whether the promise of Allah: Yawm al-Din exists or not? Or they just professing it at their mouth just like donkeys who bring scriptures on its back (Surat al-Juma'at verse 5th). Allah will never guide them if so. These is not "really" referring to Jews or others, but referring to Muslims! Jews are not reciting the Quran. It is Muslims who recite it in their salat services!

Any lay men who talk about any specific serious subjects related to creed and faith should be acknowledged that creed and faith is a component of Shari'a. By simply throwing words without we know the "process" and the "result" we are not doing any good to ourselves. We are tyrannizing ourselves as Allah will put the weight of responsibility burden on our shoulder when we see Him in the Hereafter. I would suggest to the brother to ask for the credentials of those who teach faith. It is not a sign of disrespect like what Mr. Webb Suhaib said in his site. We can ask them again but we do it with manner and as an obligation. Faith is the key to the hereafter. If it is taken from a poisoned well, it may very well lead a person to Hell. Please be very careful dear brothers and sisters from where we get the "fatawa". I am mentioning this in general

Shari'a should receive some respect as the way we respect prophet Muhammad s.a.w, the Quran, the companions, the followers of the followers, Salaf ulamas and others. Politicians should stay away from talking about us if they don't like us and they can talk about people of other streams all they like because they deal with them. Who cares about them and their political career. All they care is just about "position, money, power, and worldly matters" so victimizing other innocent people would be a satisfaction for them to boast in this temporary world. This is the morality of the nations in the era of Muhammad s.a.w. Allah knows everything well than us who are bunch of His lowly creatures

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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