Friday, 28 September 2012

Ancient Civilization: Assyria and Mesopotamia

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I have no chance to visit the Melbourne Museum in Victoria, Australia. Just saved more than 30 pictures from friends' sharing and sharing it here again on behalf of Assyrian friends. For those who love liberal arts and love to visit museums and you are in Australia, I would suggest you to visit the exhibition to see it for yourselves. I make this humble site a little bit different because I am not like other "orthodox" Muslim guys out there. 

When we talk about history or other topics we had learned such as tafseer. I personally would go and check it from sources for myself. We are talking about nature which involves beings in the universe such as human and civilizations. I prefer not to simply quoting from written books, debates or lectures by other da'ies without researches. I am from art stream as Shari'a is a part of art of life. I wish everyone would be acknowledged what kind of people we are. I could proudly say now that we, the real Shari'a stream students who were forced to accept our weaknesses to live in "modern" society are not backward and we know how to suit ourselves within academic lines besides updating information that we already have. 

Brief Detail of The Exhibition

This exhibition is a temporary exhibition begins from the 4th of May up to 7th of Oct 2012. The title for this exhibition is known as "The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia". I don't know if they collaborated with the British Museum but I think this exhibition is cool. I put it here because Mesopotamia was the first human civilization risen in the Earth and it is related to Biblical stories. Our patriarch Abraham a.s was from this civilization. Special thanks to Melbourne Museum and those who provides the pictures. These pictures are not mine, credits only for those who capture them and the Museum itself for a magnificent exhibition.

Assyria and Mesopotamia

What is Assyria? Assyria derives its name from the ancient city of 'Ashur on the Tigris River of Northern Iraq. It is also the name of the guardian god of the city and the Assyrian Empire. The city-state in Assyrian Empire were Ashur, Nimrod, Nineveh and Khorsabad. The objects displayed in the first section of the museum date from the time of Assyrian Empire at its height between the reign of Ashurbanipal II (883-859 BC) and Ashurbanipal (668-631 BC). 


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