Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Importance of Da'awa : Part VI

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

What Can We Benefit from the Hadiths?

From the hadiths, we've got to learn few things. In the first hadith, it means that da'awa should never slow down. The weakness in da'awa mission will bring forth great disasters. And if the disasters came by, it would be difficult to halt it down. 

The second hadith explains that people have the responsibility to remind the rulers, those who govern a country and a nation, earthly kings and others who controls the legislation and administration system for them not to misuse their position to oppress or tyrannize others. The people and nations has the responsibility to prevent and stop the cruelty of evil rulers and struggle for justice and for the truth. This applies everywhere in civilized society whether in the West or in the East.

The third hadith mentions about the obligation to reprimand others. This obligation is mentioned in relation to the Faith with its levels as to show its importance:

1. With hand which means verbal acts
2. With tongue which means with words
3. With heart which refers to individual thinking

Nowadays, people could be very creative. They would also use technologies to remind others about their responsibility for example with social network sites, email, organizational websites, text messages, and etc. In performing da'awa, we should not be so rigid but being creative and simple without violating the prophetic traditions. Will continue here inshaAllah.   

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