Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Importance of Da'awa : Part III

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Da’awa Fields

General Da’awa

There are two major fields of da’awa which are the general and the specific ones. The general one has many subs as the society is of different sub-sections. It is the da’awa in Muslim communities itself so that they may properly hold their religion and living it. Muslims are of varied society such as the farmers, merchants, skilled workers, labors and officials. Also the intellectual levels being considered as important such as those in the village, in the city, men, women, young, old, those with high academic achievements and those of lower education background. There is also the effort to explain the purity of religion to others as a general da’awa. It is characterized by the calling for others to understand the wisdom and the virtue of Islam and the teachings of Allah through Muhammad s.a.w. Sometimes it has to deflect nonsensical accusations and attacks by others made on the path.  

Specific Da’awa

It is the da’awa among our family member. Bringing the religious atmosphere into the family, educate everyone to obey the command of the Lord and competing to perform charity. Da’awa never stops even among us. 

I found that this is the most difficult part of da’awa dear brothers and sisters. People in my family are not as religious as our ancestors because time passing many had also disconnected from the teachings and forgetting who they are. They live like nomads moving here and there. They don’t care about religion, manners, traditions and customs nor bother to get help from religious teachers or listening to lectures anymore. Sometimes I feel like giving up because it is so suffocating and just run away yet I still feel pitiful to people around that stops me. 

When I talked with brothers outside of my family for example brother Idris in the hostel, he did listen to me and obeyed the sunans that I mentioned to him though he maybe knew about those things earlier than me. I feel so happy at least I know there are people listening for their own goodness and looking at them also reminding to perform worship for Him but they are not my family member.

Obligations upon Every Muslim to Perform Da'awa

In the verse 104 that we learned just now, we could see three obligations being placed upon us. I’ll put them in the form of points where the first one is the center which brings forth the following two:
  • Calling for ma’aruf or calling everyone to perform obedience to the Lord and perform charity.
  • Helping others to avoid munkar or vices and crimes through differentiation between what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. 
  • Calling for ma’aruf and reminding others about the disasters caused by munkar vices and crimes.
Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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