Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Evil Eyes

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I feel quite stressful as I have to submit many things to lecturers in a row for this week to the next week. Tomorrow I would have to sit for a mid-term test and it is Economic paper. I have no Economic studies background at all and have to read bulks of papers here. It would be fun to study because we are interested in it and not because of chasing anything. I hope nobody notice my stressful face. I don't want brothers in faith here think that I am suffering bipolar disorder because even if I am smiling and laughing I am actually crying in my heart. I am not crazy I am still sane, that is why I am praying and supplicates to Allah to help me, not leaving me alone and to protect me. 

Evil Eyes

Yesterday, I suddenly remembered about our cultural belief. I don't know if this is related to religion or customs but I just call it as cultural belief. People ranging from Indian sub-continent to Middle East have the same belief regarding this. I think that I had been affected by evil eyes. It does not necessarily come from others. It could also possibly come from myself because I realized that I hate to see my own face and my room has two large mirrors besides in the toilet there is also mirror. I feel disgusted if I see my own face. Maybe it also affects me as I suddenly feel very heavy at my head and I can't easily wake up from sleep though I sleep very early even after I rolled myself down from my bed to the floor to pray. I called my friend in Johor because he has access with our people masjids (South East Asian Hadramis') there and he told me that it would take long to recover so I must avoid looking around or looking directly to any thing because I may also harm other brothers, sisters or things. Brothers and sisters please take note, evil eyes are very dangerous! It could actually kill especially if a person is meditating alone in caves because the culture of meditating is also practiced in Ancient Arabia and there were cases people kill animals like camel by just gazing at it after a long period of meditation. I will try to remove all of my own pictures in files too since I had forgotten to do that. I need to recite the supplication of Gabriel a.s to remove physical diseases and spiritual illnesses. 

Protection Supplication

Supplication means: "I seek protection with the "Holy" appearance of the Lord and with His perfect words. Which nothing could exceed them whether good or evil. I seek protection from whatever thrusting into the earth and from whatever rising out from the earth. And from the evil of whatever comes down from the heavens and from whatever ascends to heavens. And from the evil of the 'test' of night and day. And from the evil of roads at night and day except the roads which are accessed with charity, dear the Most Merciful!" - al-Bukhari Narration 

Curing over Sickness

Gabriel a.s recites: "With the Name of Allah, I put this cure on you (may it heals you) from anything that hurts you. And from the evil of all selves and from the eyes envious to you. Allah is the One who cures you, with the Name of Allah I put this cure on you."

Brothers and sisters may recite it in your languages if not fluent in Arabic. It is tedious to type in Arabic and I don't know how to prevent them from being copied because holy words should be respected. I wish it is useful for everyone who are also facing problems in daily life. For curing over sickness, no need water, no need touching at the hurt body part, no need any talisman. Just recite the supplication with faith in our heart to Him. I tried to translate everything into Chinese and Japanese as services for Chinese and Japanese brothers in faith protection but it is quite difficult to find suitable terms especially in Classical Chinese as I have to avoid some Taoism and Buddhism influenced words as to be very careful.  

Time and Anxiety

Now I am just gobbling some chocolate that I bought from Mahasiswa shop. Hopefully sweet stuffs bring positive mind in me. Umm, I pray to the Lord to suppress the "time" and hinders it from chopping me down as elders said, the "time" is like sword. When you're not careful enough, it will cut and slaughter you down!

Says the Lord in His message to His slaves through His prophet (s.a.w):

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful

The Lord swears with the time 1 Indeed human is in the loss 2 Except the people who are faithful in his faith and performing charity and piety and reminding each other with the truth and advising each other with patience 3 - Surah al-'Asr, Indeed the Lord is the Most Trustworthy 

And we try to seek His Divine intervention and Mercy with wazifas and His Glorious Holy Names...

Sealed with prayers of mercy, peace and love, amin!

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