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What is the Purpose of Qiyaamullail?

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I read this in our musalla just after Ishaa' service where they had pasted it at the board of current issue. I think the reminder is quite nice and I would like to share it with brothers and sisters world wide who unintentionally hit this humble site may Allah bless all of you. 

Introduction to Qiyaamullail

First of all I would like to explain what is Qiyaamullail. It is Arabic compound words which means wake up in the night. This term means we sleep early at night maybe around 22:00-23:00 at night and wake up again at maybe 3:45 or 4:00 at the morning. About an hour or half an hour before obligatory Fajr prayer service. For a traditional person, he might be walking to masjid after the Qiyaamullail according to the prayer time. For me usually, I will take bath and finding my hygienic stuffs first before Qiyaamullail so if brothers and sisters could not bear cold water use hot water if you wanted to take bath. If you don't smell like rotten socks then it is ok to talk with Him without shower or bath, lol.

This thing is also founded in other traditions such as the Brahmin traditions as to make it easier to understood by non-Muslims or non-religious Muslims. They have several what I could say as quite harsh rites which should be followed by Brahmins as part of customs. I don't call it as Hinduism but only Brahmanism because not all Hindus perform this as this is only the duty for Brahmins and I am not going to talk in detail about it but in Islam it could be practiced by everyone who feels it as a necessity for them. I think Christians for example Roman rites also have this and they call it with few terms such as the three nocturns during special religious festivals. Orthodox churches as well and they also have terms in Syriac and in Christian nations' languages who adhere to Orthodox faith. I went to several churches and asking here and there to priests just after prayer services in churches. Avoid speculating if we never ask anything from the right person. We would be outraged too if people speculate something which does not really represent us right? 

Qiyaamullail is a discipline which helps human-being to develop their spiritual strength and it protects us from diseases because our weak inner selves will harm our physical selves. Psychological problem is about spiritual. I read psychological journals too about Sigmund Freud and others but I am not as fanatic as people who are obsessed to certain things. I rely also on researches when talking about things and this is what we are. We believe in holistic approaches and it is also approaches used in several fields such as in nursing in the United Kingdom for example since I helped my sister with her assignments and I read all of the journals for her thesis and assignments. I hate people who love to boast such as those who claim themselves as proving this and that as false, comparing this and that trying to show to people who is better who is not. I believe that they have no life, ugly attention whores and I bet their life must be boring and pathetic as hell, hahaha. This is addressed equally for Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Wiccans, Satanic religion followers and etc, hahaha. We hate all of you boastful people!!  

For Muslims, we have Qiyaamullail during Ramadan and also Qiyaamullail in everyday if we had already make our selves familiar with it. It is wrong and sinful to stop from Qiyaamullail when one has chosen to perform it everyday and already familiar with it.

Qiyaamullail as a Sunnah

Noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w mentions that: "Wake up in the night to pray and remember the Lord at that time as it is the common acts of pious people before you. It helps you to be close to the Lord and prevents you from committing sinful acts. It blows away your past sins and evil around you besides prevents you from diseases" (Hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad, at-Tirmidzie, Hakim and Baihaqi).

Goals of Qiyaamullail as a Discipline

Now let us see the purpose of Qiyaamullail and the article pasted at the musalla stated there are 10 goals for it.

1. Merit will be granted without obstacles to His servant who wake up to remember Him (Surah Ali-Imraan 113-115).

2. His Grace in the paradise descends on those who remember Him in the early hours (Surah Ali-Imran 15-17).

3. A person who wakes up early at nights only for His Lord are assured noble and appraised position in His view (Surah al-Israa' verses 78-79)

4. When a person performs Qiyaamullail, the Lord will grant him with a sacred heart and noble manner. He is respectful to people and environment around. This is the sign of a person who remembers His Lord in contrast to boastful people who writes nonsense things like in answering Islam or answering whatever it is (Surah al-Furqan verses 63-64). When I read those things I just laugh at the writers and I think that they are just clowns. The same thing also about scientific proving of the scriptures and etc. Scriptures are beyond scientific research. It is metaphysical, beyond physical boundaries. I read physics and chemistry books though I was from Shariah streams, not a talented student in academic and I don't know why people love to look at us as stupid than them just because we are humble. Sometimes these people confuse me and make me think should I also show off to make them realize that their attitude is so annoying? I don't like to make people crying and I made one of our colleague crying simply because he showed off to me and my friend, Amir ahahaha. I am so sorry for being bad ass person but sometimes we can't bear these kind of people.

5. A person who performs Qiyaamullail is hardly a boastful and hardly a show off person (Surah as-Sajjadah 15-17). It is because boastful and show off are some kinds of mental illnesses.

6. When performing Qiyaamullails, a person will receive profits and benefits through His Mercy (Surah az-Zumar verse 9). If one is conducting say business, his business will receive blessings from the Lord and though we can't see the blessings but we can feel it. If we are on some affairs, the Lord will bless us and make everything goes smooth though we do not notice it. So, we have to be very careful with environment as we don't know where is his blessings and mercy and how they look like.

7. Qiyaamullail teaches a person to be patient and it is a very good discipline for a person who can't control patience (Surah Qaaf verses 39-40). Try perform this for few nights and feel it your selves. You don't have to be a Muslim to perform this. If you are a Christian, then perform this according to your rites. If you are a Buddhist or Hindu, try perform it according to your responsibility of birth. If you are a Muslim, then perform it according to Sunnah and prophetic traditions. Who says that when we are different from each other and trying to return to the faith, we have to chop everyone's head? This is the act of a pea-brain sized person not the act of civilized people. We can see this kind of people in all community, society, and faiths. Their mind is dirty their heart is filthy thus their mouth instigate evil things for people to scratch each others' faces.

8. It will lead a person who performs it to feel wrong if they do not sacrifice themselves to help the poor, the unfortunate and the tyrannized people (Surah az-Zaariyat verses 15-19). A person who always remember his Lord alone in the darkness of the night will try to take part in social works in the daylight.

9. The Lord will grant a person who performs Qiyaamullail with perseverance to wait the decree of the Lord (Surah at-Tuur verses 48-49). Whatever decree of Lord will be the things which is uncertain in the future or anything which had already happened. This discipline teaches us to accept everything that will happen or that had happened as it helps us to get rid anxiety.  

10. Waking up in the darkness of night alone to worship makes us more focus to Him and it is more effective rather than when we pray optional prayers in front of people because we might get distracted (Surah al-Muzammil verses 1-6). We will recite things and ponder the meanings of the recitation. It will make us think deeper as we contemplate the messages of the Lord in His divine revelation. We also can cry and confess everything to the Lord without being known by others because many people are sleeping so they can't see or even hear us, lol!

Respected brothers and sisters in faith, please check the meaning and messages of the surahs for yourselves. A person who performs Qiyaamullail usually possesses wisdom and he is always blessed by the Lord though people look at him as no less than a tiny dust. Qiyaamullail is an additional worship act apart of the obligatory prayer services performed by orthodox sunnah Muslims. It helps us to get His Mercy and Love while we are still in this harsh world. In Qiyaamullail, a person will perform the salaat tahajjud, recites supplication or wazifas in devotion to the Lord and begging His Divine intervention to solve daily problems. 

So, brothers and sisters, I would like to advise myself and those who share the faith with me to stop talking about my Wahhabi movement is better, my Barelwi movement is better, my Deobandi movement is above all, my Tabligh movement is better, my Sunnah madzhab is correct, my Shi'ah madzhab is more honorable. Stop talking about who is wrong or who is correct. Let us together open up our scripture (Quran) and open up our Sunnah (prophetic traditions). We won't scratch each other faces when we are uniformly guided by these two primary sources of our Sacred Path. Stop fanaticism, stop being obsessed with our selves. The first creature/being who is obsessed with his self is the Devil the father of genies and the leader of evil genies, animals and human-being. Are we going to be one of his followers? Na'udzubillahu min dzaalik (may Allah helps us to be away from evil traits) may Allah makes us only as His followers and not others'!

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love, amin!

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